VIM3/VIM3L-Android-9-64bit-V231122 Rom Release

Please check VIM3 USB Burn Firmware Page or VIM3L USB Burn Firmware Page to download the ROM for USB burning.

ROM Infos:

Version(Latest): vim3/vim3l-android-9-64bit-v231122.img.xz Update List:

  • LED: Fix the problem that the white LED light does not turn on until 6s after the VIM3L is turned on
  • GPIO: fix gpio control on bl2
  • RSDB: add wifi rsdb support on VIM3L
  • WIFI: open wifi sta and AP coexistence mode
  • M2X: Add M2X extended version detection
  • Upgrade: update system with OTAUpgrade2 application only
  • TP: TS101 updates tp register configuration
  • IR: Add receive_scancode node to obtain raw data on IR Receiver
  • M2X: Fixed the issue where selecting M2X Ethernet and sleeping in standby mode would cause the kernel to crash and then restart — open pcie settings and then sleep
  • preinstall: Remove Aptoide apk
  • sound/soc: es8316: Optimize es8316 codecs
  • VIM3L: Rotation: Restart after rotating to vertical screen. It takes a long time to enter the Launcher interface again before rotating to vertical screen
  • Set VIM3 to false

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v230719.img.xz/vim3l-android-9-64bit-v230725.img.xz Update List:

  • LCD: VIM3: Fix the abnormal display problem of TS101 connected to TS101 and HDMI at the same time to restore factory settings
  • LCD: VIM3L: Solve the problem that the boot logo may not be displayed when connected to TS101 and HDMI at the same time
  • LCD: Fix the problem of abnormal display when restoring the factory when single-connected to TS101
  • Camera: Fix the problem that the camera cannot be opened after the setting [Camera ir-cut] is turned on when using the IMX415 camera
  • Camera: add camera detection support
  • WIFI: add connect button for WiFi menu
  • EDID: add edid-decode support
  • Extboard: add logo led control mode
  • GPS: Turn on network targeting by default
  • GPS: GPS positioning is high-precision by default
  • GPS: Default USB GPS positioning
  • HDMI: update the clk parameter of HDMI 1600x900 resolution
  • Factory: VIM3: repair factory test SPI failure
  • 4G: 4G add gps support
  • 4G: Fix the problem that the 4G network cannot be used due to the addition of the 4G GPS function
  • NPU: update npu to
  • NPU: add yolo_v8n yolo_v7_tiny model
  • BT: VIM3L: repair bluetooth headset no sound
  • UART: enable VIM3 uart_C

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v230408.img.xz Update List:

  • update 1024x600 resolution timimg parameter
  • Add LCD:TS101 parameter
  • Add TP:GT9xx driver
  • Compatible camera with both OS08A10 and IMX415
  • VIM3/VIM3L: Add some different screensaver startup time: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes
  • Logo: Replace with VIM3L a new boot Logo
  • VIM3/VIM3L: Add virtual TP driver
  • update 2560x1600 resolution timimg parameter
  • Customize the function key as the home key by default
  • VIM3/VIM3L: Fix the problem that the TF card in the drop-down status bar of the original Setting, and the U disk browsing option cannot be clicked to jump
  • VIM3/VIM3L: Remove the TF card in the original Setting status bar, the pop-up option of the U disk, and the pop-up function is in the Droid Setting
  • Add analog I2C read TP register
  • The optimized factory test app does not appear in the list of recent programs
  • LCD: Add new TS050 parameter
  • LCD: Compatible with OLD_TS050, TS101, NEW_TS050
  • Launcher: After modifying to lower than the default UI resolution, there is a problem that the horizontal and vertical screens cannot be switched
  • LCD: Solve the problem of not being able to boot when connected to HDMI and TS101 at the same time
  • LCD: When HDMI and TS101 are connected at the same time, set TS101 to HDMI to display the logo before TS101, otherwise HDMI will display a green screen when no signal is detected
  • Set Ethernet priority back over WiFi network
  • TP: Fix the possibility that the new TS050-5-inch screen cannot be touched after power off and restart
  • VIM3L: KeyBoar: Solve the problem that the Q key on the USB keyboard does not work and the Enter key is incorrectly defined due to the lack of definition of key 16 Q

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v230130.img.xz Update List:

  • APK:Add Google Chrome largefile apk
  • add cmdserver and cmdclient
  • add selinux for vim3 vim3l hardware function
  • disable discovery bounce animation
  • es8316 add headset insert judge
  • vim3l add audio es8316 support
  • vim3l enable uart_C and saradc
  • fix when exit bluetooth menu,keep device visible
  • Add native ui enable menu
  • fix enable Camera2 application if the device has mipi camera
  • Fix warning: unused variable when compiling
  • Add adc function key customize support
  • Update logo by usb’s bootup.bmp file
  • Add hardware version VIM3_V14
  • Camera: Add custom DIY camera IMX415 support
  • Remove the developer options — Select USB Configuration
  • Gsensor: Modify the default direction of Gsensor
  • Revert “vim3_64bit:APP: Remove redundant DocumentsUI manager”
  • HDMI: update 800x480 resolution timimg parameter

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v221214.img.xz Update List:

  • Fix vim3_64bit bluetooth remote control device pairing list is not fully displayed
  • Fix Gateway, Network prefix length, DNS1, DNS2 lost focus in Ethernet static IP settings and cannot pop up the soft keyboard
  • fix ethernet issue
  • get ethernet mac address from command line or DTB
  • Solve the stretching problem of vim3_64bit setting wallpaper and the probability that half of the wallpaper setting will be displayed as black
  • add wol wakeup support
  • default set sdcard power to 3v3
  • fix fdt cmd get issue
  • Add battery manager driver support and remove battery log
  • fixup vim3_64bit HDR always enable
  • add more USB ethernet model support
  • Add factory test script
  • Complete the missing kerne configl patch on 64bit

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v221129.img.xz Update List:

  • Force all APPs to display horizontally
  • vim3_64bit remote control long press the middle button does not work
  • add APK preinstall support
  • Remove automatic hibernation, if you need hibernation, set it manually
  • add extend board detect support
  • Solve FileBrowser can not copy and paste
  • Resolve compile-time warnings generated
  • fix mac addr error
  • vim3_64bit boots the OW system from the SD card and the CPU cannot be online
  • Update the WiFi module of AP6398
  • Remove redundant DocumentsUI manager
  • Fix vim3_64bit firmware reset to factory settings and Kernel panic
  • Add support for editing date and time with mouse

Version: vim3-android-9-64bit-v221028.img.xz Update List:

  • Modify the width of the drop-down notification bar to fit the screen width
  • add root support
  • fixup Navigation bar display problem when chagne density
  • fixup Navigation display problem when rotate 90 or 270 degree
  • add vesa resolutions support
  • Solve the problem of no KHADAS logo when booting with 2560x1440 resolution on vim3_64bit
  • Multi USB Camera Support hotplug
  • Two external USB cameras, click the switch camera button icon, can not switch to the second camera screen
  • Fix vim3_64bit setting screen rotation 90 degrees and 270 degrees incomplete display
  • add google apps
  • add the “Never” timeout option in sleep menu
  • add force boot from SD check
  • vim3_64bit add cfgload and script command support
  • add ext_board_exist and vim3 extend board detect
  • update vim3_64bit firmware version information

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :


Hi! Is this ROM rooted?

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@Banana Sorry, it hasn’t been added yet. I will add root in the next version.

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@goenjoy thank you! :+1:

Nice Job! When can we look forward to a working lockscreen and adminstration and Goggle TTS in the settings area?

Hi does this December 2 version resolve USB being dropped completely from use. My USB will drop randomly and it even takes WiFi down with it. Only a power off will fix it, sometimes multiple power off to have USB back. I’ll need a kernel serial cable to see why it does this, but sometimes it’s not for hours

почему урезана частота процессора

Lock screen? Why has this been missing in the builds for so long? Kernel logs say lockscreen service is missing.


Hello, we did not remove the lock screen function in the later firmware, but set it to be disabled by default, because not every user wants to use the lock screen function, so if you want to use it, you can set it in Droid Settings —> More settings —> Device Preference —> Screen saver —> When to start Set how long you need to lock the screen


Hello, we haven’t made any changes related to the CPU recently. Under what circumstances did you feel the CPU frequency reduction? We will only start the CPU frequency reduction when the temperature is too high. If you use the load If it is too large, the CPU frequency reduction function will be activated, you can download a CPUMonitor.apk similar CPU monitoring software for real-time observation


Screen saver<>lockscreen

They are not the same. Two separate functions.

Lock screen should show when boot up to enter code or pattern after it’s set up and there’s no where to set it up and there logs say the lockscreen service is missing. I’m not going to buy anymore khadas devices.

Can this rom be burned by oowow? I don’t have a PC around, tried a few times, it always saying this image is not fit for my VIM3 board…`

The oowow version is the latest one, 230130.426.

Yes, please follow the OOWOW Wizard to install online.

@numbqq @goenjoy Is kernel modules like hid-multitouch.ko included? Need to work with USB HID miltitouch touchscreen.

@hmnvdk Problem with touch in Firmware V190816 - #17 by goenjoy
Follow the corresponding four steps when you encounter an abnormal operation of the USB touch screen.

@goenjoy Does this version support either of the EM06-A/E 4G LTE or the Quectel 5G modules?


VIM3/VIM3L only supports EM06-A/E 4G LTE module

@xiong.zhang thank you. Does this version of Android 9 64 bit support the 4g module? Will Android display the broadband modem manager by default? Or do I have to manually establish a 4g modem connection using minicom or some equivalent method? If so, how?

I found a usage guide for Ubuntu here:

But I cannot find an equivalent for Android. Please kindly provide this information or help me create it. I’m happy to help.

Thank you.