VIM3/VIM3L-Android-9-64bit-V231122 Rom Release


You can use the 4G network function by inserting the SIM card

@xiong.zhang Thank you. Do you know if there are plans to add VIM3 Android Quectel 5G module support? If no, is this a technical limitation of Android 9 and the Quectel 5G module RIL? What about Android 10 or 11 and Quectel 5G RIL integration? Is someone working on that? I’m interested in learning more. Thanks!


Hello, only Android 10.0 or above can support 5G. At present, our VIM3 only has Android 9.0 and no higher Android version. You can learn that our VIM4 and Edge2 can support 5G on our official website.

Hi, I have downloaded and flashed V230719 ROM release image of Android 9-64 bit on my Vim3 device. However, when I use the adb command and found that ‘su’ is working, it indicates that the device is rooted(correct me If I am wrong). I wish to have an unrooted device, can anyone please provide available ROM images for having an unrooted device with playstore.