Virtual COM to UART_C on Android

I have a need to connect an Android app with my Arduino by UART.
But the application only knows the COM ports.
Please tell me what should be done in my Khadas VIM3L so that the application sees the COM port that would be tied to UART_C (GPIOH_6, GPIOH_7)?
USB-connections is not suitable.
P.S. Sorry, I’m newbe in Android.

Unfortunately, no one helped, but I found the application SerialPort.
I will test soon.
But, no. Need another application. Need software bridge UART<->VirtualCOM

Help me please!!!..
I need use UART_C as COM on Android .
MySerial demo from github don’t installed to Android9 VIM3.
Khadas does not have such a solution?

[VIM3/VIM3L-Android-9-64bit-V230408 Rom Release]

Hi, what version of firmware are you using?

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Sure, thanks for the update, but this does NOT solve my problem in ANY WAY.
I still can’t select a COM port in the application that would direct the stream to the UART_C.
Because it doesn’t exist.

@E-LCD KhadasApi interface description
You can try this document or directly verify it with a third-party application. Contains the corresponding APK and code.