[ROM] SC VIM1 Pie “Normal” Debug/User Builds v2 20200210

Hi there guys and girls, one more rom/fw for you all!
Many thks to Khadas for sending me the device to play
And many thks to @Robert for be my beta tester :wink:
Ok guys im going to write the max i remember i did on sdk… i can’t remember all of it!
Build from Latest source.
Debug Build ( i might do in the future a rls build with my own keys )
I also added my layout(in zip format in internal storage) for squarehome3, is not hard to import it, i will make a video on how to do it in the next days… or just search youtube i bet there is something explaining it!


Differences of USER and USERDEBUG builds:

User Build : This build is done to be as close to a company rls as possible, it does not have root or twrp and is compiled with rls keys and SELINUX enforced, what this means for you?
Well it means lot more apps show in Playstore that didn’t show before, (EX: my isp androidtv live tv app, only shows in Playstore non rooted and SELINUX enforced devices, also the streams in the app does not even play in rooted devices.). Like this there’s lots of other ISP/NON ISP apps Out there…

UserDebug Build: This build does have root, selinux is permissive and some other stuff you will see in changelog down there…, but of course you will lose the above…

Changelog Final v2:

  • Used latest SDK
  • Added Reboot to another OS ( DEBUG Build Only )
  • Google Webview is now default, plz let me know if you find any issues and i switch back to AOSP webview.
  • Added support for many Gamepads, and i mean really many. ( Kernel Drivers )
  • Added missing modules to the kernel
  • Fixed “Screen Rotation” in “Display Settings->Display->Screen Rotation”, to enable the use of it just go to “Display Settings->More settings->Display” and turn on “Auto-rotate screen” then you can use “Screen Rotation” just fine!
  • Fixed crash in “Display Settings->More settings->Memory” panel.
  • Fixed weird looking and missing panels and icons in some apps.
  • Removed katniss(ATV Google assistant) and added back regular Google assistant (Velvet), i did this because in “normal” build that app does not get updated and after a while it stops working, that does not happen in Velvet since it gets updated just fine in “Normal” build.
  • And some other minor stuff…


  • Of course there is bugs… there always be bugs…

Changelog v1.0:

  • Build from latest sdk.
  • Fixed a few issues present in latest sdk.
  • NO ROOT (i do not root my roms… sorry… but you can have “su” in shell since is a debug build )
  • Small change in kernel.
  • Removed 1. boot pair remote page.
  • Added 2 more remote to power on from sleep.
  • Fixed Navigation and Status bar.
  • Long press menu to show navigation bar
  • Reduced the time mouse icon stays on screen.
  • LatinIme fixes and now can be used with remote DPAD
  • Fixed force_land.
  • Removed some “Null” pop ups
  • Some additions and fixes to settings provider
  • Modified DroidSettings, “More Settings” now calls white settings.
  • Modified TVSettings, added “Display” to menu to call DroidSettings
  • Added White Settings(regular android settings), and fixed lots of stuff
  • Added squarelauncher3 and also added my layout to internal storage so you guys can import it from there if you like my layout of course!
  • Added SetupWizard.
  • Double click home brings up Recent Apps in Grid View…
  • Long press home calls assistant
  • Long press Mic Key in remote calls assistant ( only tested in Beelink King Remote )
  • Added many KL’s for many keyboards.
  • Added Beelink King remote support. ( more to be added in the future )
  • Added Provision.
  • Added AndroidTV screensaver, by default will start in 1h… you can change that in settings.
  • Added AndroidTV remote control
  • Added some apps. ( not many since i dont like to add to much crap in my roms )
  • Compilation done with optimizations.
  • Changed system and vendor partitions size.
  • Optimized lots of stuff.
  • Gapps Nano, build from source already odexed from compile for a faster boot.
  • Some small fixes to systemui.
  • Noise filter set to 1, i think is enough!
  • Other small stuff and cleanups.


  • No Vulkan support, because the gpu does not support it.

Bugs v1.0:

  • Of course there is bugs… there always be bugs…

Want to buy me a beer?

Download SC v2 IMG:

Download OLD v1 IMG:

Install instructions:

  • Use usb burning tool to burn the IMG.
  • More information on how to put the device in flash mode refer to khadas wiki!



Enjoy it :slight_smile:


thanks to @superceleron for this fresh production . i did flash it, it started ok, but when it was time to connect to my wifi on channel 13, it failed to see my ssid; on linux, this is usually handled by the wifi stack by taking into account the country in which the device is located;
how does this firmware deal with this blocking point ?

Well i added wifi 13 support but dunno if its working since max in here is 11…

for the info, its a matter of CRDA in linux, see https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/setting-wifi-regulatory-domain-linux-openwrt/

when this rom is in the emmc, are we given the ability to run another (linux) distro from an sd card (or an usb drive) ?

Yes it does. Running Armbian from it now from USB thumb drive.

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on mu vim1, i had to reflash an official khadas unbuntu server before being able to boot ubuntu mainline kernel from sd again

How can we get the latest code?

I don’t know why that was the case. After editing uEnv.ini with the VIM1 dtb, I inserted the USB drive with Armbian, used keys to put the VIM in to update mode, box rebooted and up came Armbian.

When a distro is already bootable from the EMMC and I insert another one on an SD car into the SD slot, I just expect that a system reboot will start the distro located on the SD , without any human intervention like pressing buttons, going into update mode and what not…
am I wrong @superceleron ?

I only had to do the keys only once after I flashed SCs Pie, after that boots to eMMC if no USB drive. Insert USB, it boots to that drive.

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From khadas github, of course not with my changes!

Yes normally works like that!

Hi I’ve had it installed for an hour now and picked up the following issues.

  1. 3.3v on GPIO pins don’t power off when shutdown.
  2. I can’t rotate screen to portrait mode.
  3. Can’t select anything from the top slide down menu.
  4. Keyboard doesn’t appear when trying to insert WiFi password on setup.
  5. Takes up a large amount of space on my 8GB EMMC


  1. Din’t really notice since im not using them, but thks for reporting.

  2. yes i know that, if you know how edit build.prop in vendor partition and change the “persist.sys.app.rotation” from “force_land” to “middle_port” or “original” what suits you best.

  3. ye i know i disable it, i may enable it in next build.

  4. Humm weird, it shows just fine here i will check when i can.

  5. Nothing i can do about it, this roms are big as default… dont forget gapps also takes is space :frowning:

Hi thanks no problem. Other than that it works fine actually

Once I get my device I can help you. I’m Steve, the owner of Tech Toy Tinker, and @godkingofcanada on xdadevelopers where I’ve been doing Android OS for the last 8 years. I’m going to be porting my Android OS named Slash TV to the board.


does anyone please have an hint how i could get supersu on that rom? is a compatible twrp available?

hi and welcome to the community!

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well twrp will not help you here, since for now magisk and supersu are incompatible with aml android 9 when installing from zip, so the only way is to do it on the rom itself, i mean edit, do it, burn it. :frowning: