VIM1 Pie root? How to get root?

VIM1 Pie when it will be root?
How to get root?

@shmelevea What do you mean by root? Is it through serial port or something else?

I think they mean an Android firmware with root access. Gives administrative rights everywhere, for instance, writing to system. Much as logging in as root does in Linux.

This device already have an unlocked bootloader so all you need to do is install superSU or su. I had read it in one of neils thread that he does not like his roms rooted but users can still get it rooted by installing su try to flash from superSU’s official website.
First try the apk if that does help then try the zip from recovery mode.

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How to install ZIP from Khadas’ recovery mode?

Maybe TWRP is available for VIMs? With TWRP it used to be super easy to install SuperSU :grinning:

You could also use adb to do this by having it copy the kernel to downloads folder and then using magisk to patch the kernel, then adb flash it back.

Has anyone installed Android Pie on VIM1 and added Magisk?

UserDebug Build: This build does have root

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