How do i make an image of the stock firmware?

Ha ha, I see why you guys go on about confusion now . . .
OK, my comment was referring to this part:

and then later this part:

Which, of course, are to be found here (as per documentation).
Hopefully this clears up all the confusion and helps the OP find the elusive link to F/W images :thinking:
(All this in addition to the obvious method previously described)


Good…, now we are on the same page :smile:


I am not entirely straight on the OP’s desires. At first I thought they wanted to make a firmware image(img) after having setup their VIM3 the way they like it. While I think that is possible based on my recollection of the RK3288, that is only speculation for AML.

If I recall, in another thread, BowerR64 asked how large a file all of the Khadas firmware files totaled. I assume from that he wanted to “Site Grab” the firmware folder. For posterity? Not sure. :smiley:

maybe he just want’s to help us by creating a backup archive…:smiley:
an offline form of Github to say…

I want my own files,

I received a VIM1 and it has a version of android on it 20200316 and i set it up and ran a benchmark

I didnt backup the stock firmware (why would i if there are newer versions better?)

I installed a newer version from the>help>files i tried the 20200317 first and set it up ran a benchmark just for kicks and i got a slower score, (this wasnt what i had hoped) tried the other file (there was only 2 android files for the VIM1 at the time) setup the second firmware and it wasnt any better

So now i have 2 slower firmwares from my stock firmware and i ask for the stock firmware for my VIM1 and no one had a clue what im talking about, they have never heard of 20200316 or something i got no help. So i was stuck with 2 slower firmwares then what i had

So im not playing that game again, from now on before i try any other firmware im going to backup the firmware befiore i try any “newer” firmwares and then find out ive downgraded like i did with the VIM1

Does this make sense?

When i say backup i want the file to be just like the file from the khadas download site if possible, not a kresue image of the whole emmc just the firmware but in a file type like the khadas if its possible?

I already have a backup of the boards threw Krescue but i wanted it the way i installed it with an SD card before kresue was available

Can I ask you a not modest question … what do you want to do with your vim1, which is why it is so important for you a couple of points higher in anttu?
Ok, here’s one more firmware for the test :wink:

well right now is just a game (Asphalt 8) but this game is pretty stressful i have about 15 or so boxes, 7 SBC rest are android box, if they dont play this very well they wont do many other things i do very well.

Since i play this mostly i have a good idea of how fast it loads and looks comared to other devices.

I can judge it the way others have said about machines the same way.

I watch many videos they say S912 is just slightly faster then S905 and i see this also before benchmarks just playing the game. Then i read others say S905X3 is slightky faster then S912 again i see this same thing with the game

When i install firmware 20200317 i see some slight lag coompared to 20200316 and benchmark tells me the same thing its slightly slower under load compared to 20200316 but i dont know why.

RIght now i have not upgraded VIM3 but i want to make copy of just firmware before i try any new and maybe its slower

Is this SC, AOS or SC ATV?

I want to stick with AOS, i thought i like ATV when i get shield but i prefer AOS now

this is AOSP, if interested I can find ATV for you

@BowerR64 just wanted to remind you that the VIM3’s gyro sensor can be recognized in android and in Asphalt 8 with the latest firmware (200624)…

You might want to check it out, it will feel like driving a car, except, the VIM3 is the steering wheel :smiley:
I did it myself, and it is cool !!!

I think he’s talking about playing with a gamepad

Yes, but this is something I tested with the VIM3 as the gamepad it self :smile:
VIM3 becomes the games console and the game pad controller !!!..

I did not see this moment, especially since you put the keyboard and mouse there :interrobang:

I will make a short video showing the capability… :slight_smile:

Should it be somehow all together with a cover, for convenience??

Cover ?, do you mean like a case containing all components ?

I mean this feature is convenient to manage

Yes, maybe, but it will only provide accelerometer for tilt and other things…

we need the touchscreen along with it to provide the other required inputs…

i been cheating on khadas :roll_eyes: :mask:

And why is that ?, Is it because you weren’t using the onboard accelerometer ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: