Khadas' 1st Community Competition

Khadas is committed to nurturing an open source community of mutual help and sharing. It is with this spirit in mind, that we want to give back to all the participants who have contributed to our community, by organizing the first-ever “Khadas Community Competition”.

The purpose of holding this competition is to first allow those who have already contributed a chance to participate and win generous prizes, and secondly to encourage more people to share their own experience and code, and make progress together with the Khadas Open Source Community.

Contest Details

1. Entry requirements

Participants must use at least one Khadas SBC or Khadas Audio Product as the core of their project, supplemented by Khadas accessories (or their own customised accessories). There are no restrictions on the content nor limits on creativity.

2. Qualifying categories

  1. Software design (application design, system migration, library migration, etc.)
  2. Modular design (design a module that can extend the functionality of Khadas products)
  3. Audio design (design new products with the Tone2 Pro or Tone Board as the core)
  4. DIY design (heat sink design, external cases, mechanical design, etc.)

N.B. Participants can choose a single category or assign their project to multiple categories.

3. Participants

There are no restrictions on the type of participant. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, developer, entrepreneurial team, student, community enthusiast, etc. As long as you have the will, you can sign up for this event. Participants can participate individually, or form a team to participate as a group.

Contest Time and Process

1. Registration Period

1.1 Registration time

1st December 2021 to 10th February 2022

1.2 Registration method

Interested participants must register at, and Khadas Team will reply to your registration email within 5 working days.

1.3 Free sample request

If you need to request for free samples and accessories. Please input your request at, and Khadas Team will reply to your request email within 5 working days.

2. Development Period

2.1 Development time

11th February 2022 to 10th May 2022

2.2 Technical support

During the entire development period, if you have any technical questions, please login to or send an email to Our Technical Team will respond promptly and provide you with technical support.

2.3 Submission of works

  1. Participants must first create a forum-post over at, then upload their own content, demo videos or pictures into this post. You may post into any category you like, e.g. Tone, VIM3, etc. You can give your post any title that you wish.

  2. Next, add a link (URL) to your post inside the body of an email, and write an email with the subject of “Khadas Community Contest Submission”. Send this email to the, so that our staff can collate it into our list of submissions.

During the development period, participants are encouraged to share their experience, creative process, and interact with forum users in

3. Demonstration & Publicity

3.1 Display of projects and popularity evaluation

11th May 2022 to 30th May 2022

3.2 Judging period

11th May 2022 to 25th May 2022

3.3 Announcement of awards

1st June 2022 to 10th June 2022

3.4 Method of judging

  1. Both Khadas Staff and active community users will be allowed to assign a score to your project, in accordance with the evaluation criteria. Your final score will then be calculated with a weightage ratio of 70% (Khadas Staff) and 30% (Khadas Community).

  2. The list of winners and popularity awards will be announced in If you have any objection, you can send feedback to us at, and our staff will reply to your email within 5 working days.

Competition Prizes

1. The competition prizes are set as follows

  1. **Gold Award (x1): **10,000 USD cash
  2. **Silver Award (x1): **2,000 USD cash, 3,000 USD coupon
  3. **Bronze Award (x1): **1,000 USD cash, 1,000 USD coupon
  4. **Excellence Awards (x5): **500 USD coupon
  5. **Best Popularity Award (x1): **2,000 USD coupon

All winners will be contacted within one week after the announcement, and all cash and coupons will be given out within 15 days.

If you are an entrepreneurial or OEM team, we can provide opportunities for publicity and cooperation.

Competition Judging Criteria

1. Standard Score

The judges of this competition will evaluate the following 4 aspects, each of which will embody a certain number of points:

  1. Difficulty (0 ~ 40 points): the difficulty of a single technique
  2. Complexity (0 ~ 30 points): the amount of technology combined with the work as a whole
  3. Application (0 ~ 15 points): how useful is the device or project to society and end users
  4. Fun (0 ~ 15 points): is the project entertaining or funny

Points from the 4 aspects are added together to form the standard score.

2. Bonus Score

These 3 aspects of your project will be awarded with bonus points.

  1. Open source (0 ~ 20 points): does the project use open source code
  2. Artificial intelligence (0 ~ 10 points): does the project involve the use of neural networks
  3. 3D printing (0 ~ 10 points): does the project involve the use of 3d printers

If the contestant feels that his project involves an exceptionally special or difficult technique, he can mention it in the email when the contest-entry is submitted, and points will be given as appropriate during the review.

The standard points and bonus points are added together to form the final score for the contestant. The detailed score of each contest entry will be published publicly during the Demonstration and Publicity stage.

Congratulations for reading till the end, you’re a natural winner! If you have any suggestions or ideas for our community, please feel free to give us feedback.


To provide inspiration for our incoming participants, I have listed some exceptional examples that were previously contributed by users from our Khadas Open Source Community.

1. Tone1 + VIM2 DIY Case



3. CNC Machined DIY Case


4. KKSB CNC Machined DIY Case

5. VIM3 Cryptocurrency Mining Cluster

6. 3D Printed DIY Case


7. TS050 + M2X + Camera DIY Case


8. VIM3 + Camera DIY Case

9. PPSSPP for Edge SBCs

10. Automated A.I Driven Water Turret


PS: If you are the author of these projects, you can further improve them and participate in this competition as well! See you there!


Amazing idea! I had put my water turret project on hold till next summer but this is great motivation to get it finished and published!


@birty This is a very interesting project, if you need help, you can bring it up


Cool, but seems my project is already was completed.
ATV Dashboard on Khadas SBC

I wrote about it here - Поддержка русскоязычных пользователей - #391 by OldNavi

It was build on Khadas VIm3L SBC + Atmega328 controller + with custom Android Pie (new fast I2C service in android). And really huge custom android application with navigation, music player, K-line communication with ECU with ECU analysis and sensors, and special code which allows several ATVs to see itself on a map using bluetooth BLE advertising broadcact messages. And of course everything was 3D designed and printed.

So does completed projects qualify for competition ?


Привет! Конечно можно !Почитайте условия ,там всё расписано .
Удачи тебе :wink::+1:

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@OldNavi Of course, this is a very successful work, you can sign up and use your work directly.


Thanks for that, I’ve registered for participation with this project. However I’m going to start a new one DYI project in different area (Audio DSP processing). Can I have 2 projects for participation ?

@OldNavi Of course, if you have two different DIY projects, you can register for both, but you need to fill in two registration links because your project is different

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Hello All ! …

Great idea @Frank from Khadas Team !

That will boost-up DIY projects !
Especially since Khadas can send free samples and accessories.
It’s a chance for new DIY developpers !

Good luck to everyone !

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Hello All,…

@Frank from Khadas Team.

I think Khadas’ 1st Community Competition regulation need an update :wink:

Here, “The judges of this competition will evaluate the following 5 aspects,” 5 should be replaced by 4.

Here, “3.1 The competition awards are set as follows” 3.1 should be replaced by 1.



@DerFu Thank you for pointing out the error in the documentation

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@Frank, you’re welcome :wink:

Hello All,…

Where can we see the registered participants list ?

Tchüss @+ :wink:

@DerFu After a while, I will organize it on there.

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Great initiative but i wish you donate some money to vpu driver support for amlogic.

I am trying to gather all vendors to donate so we can get vpu support in stable mode.

Let me know if that’s of any interest.


Yep, we are happy to do that and you can message me privately once you’ve further information.

Good day!


Cc @chewitt
We can start something with this. :slight_smile: