VIM3 Crypto Currency Miner Build

So the wait is over and I’m really excited to have my VIM3 boards here! (thanks to @willow for sorting everything out - great service from Khadas as always!) I will be making these ones into a scalable CPU miner. Will post progress here and also planning to open source all the design files for the case, the backplane PCBs and software so anyone else can build as well. Probably not going to be a fast build as have too much other stuff on at the moment!

Part 1: Unboxing!


Your VIM3 unboxing looks a little different than mine did.:laughing:
Look forward to seeing your project progress.


Miners I’d like you to test xmrig v3.0 or up, sgminer-arm for GPU mining on OpenCL, don’t know of another that fork on arm devices. violetminer for chukwa fork of Trtl and Wrkz.

Thanks in advance.
P.S. if you need help with links or compiling just hit me up

Will this be capable of mining Monero? :grin:

Let me have some links and I will have a look - will get a benchmarks post or something to capture the different miners / algos

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New xmr algo will be randomx and need a board with 3gb on for that - but if you have 3gb ram boards then yes definitely!

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Random X also work with a slow version of the algo on boards with less than 3GB.

Xmrig v3.1



Note: This will only work if OpenCL works on the board, check with clinfo first if gives 0 platforms don’t bother testing.

Strange, so it won’t work with 4GB of RAM? :smile:

Chukwa 1636 H/s
chukwa/Wrkz 3500 H/s

Even though the is installed, we seem to be missing support for OpenCL, and Vulkan

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