3D printed plastic shell for VIM3 shared with WTFPL

Hi all,
I’m a neural network inference engine researcher now working for OPEN AI LAB,when i integrated Amlogic NPU backend to neural network inference engine Tengine, i found that a plastic shell was badly needed when some one connect camera and screen with a VIM3.
So after a few hours of study, i designed a 3D printed plastic shell for VIM3/camera/screen stack. After a few seconds of meeting, we decided to release all the designs to geeks with WTFPL 2.0. After a few weeks of procrastination, i posted this topic.
Now show time:

Front panel, Type A(Camera&IR enabled):

Front panel, Type B(Only IR enabled):

Front panel, Type C(NO camera and NO IR):

Back panel:

Light pipe:

Real world pictures:


You MUST communicating with your 3d print supplier to confirm with the specifications, and print one sample at least.
If the screen can not insert to the shell sample, DO NOT use force! Use a knife or other tools to cutting down some space. This rule costs one screen, $49.99.
DO NOT buckling FPC very near the PCB socket, the camera will break down! This cost two camera, $79.99 for each.
The button might fall off(believe me, to find a button on the floor of an office is mission impossible), so you can use scotch tap to stick them inside of shell. Last picture shows this(may not easy to find the scotch tap).

Download shell design .step files from Baidu Disk and the access code is vim3. Note again: the license of this shell design is WTFPL 2.0. I DO NOT have VIM1 and VIM2, so i do not know whether or not the shell suit for them.

Neural network inference framework Tengine Community Technology Previews with Amlogic NPU supported will be release on friday of this week(December 4th).


good work, nicely implemented case,

I could see that from the floating design of the button :grin:
maybe a small nubbin of plastic material should hold the button in place during printing and during use…

no worries, they both won’t work as they don’t support the touchscreen or the camera…

Edge-v board also has camera support, but it uses different camera, if do want to design for that, you must take it into consideration…

overall well done,
good job mate

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Hi @alcohol , thx for your job and upload this models :D.

But… it is possible to upload in another platform? Is impossible to me to download from this page, this webpage need an account and I can’t create without china number :confused:

Thx for your job and yes, 3 years late xD