Edge2-Android-12-V230625 Rom Release

Please check OOWOW to install the ROM.
Or check USB Burn Firmware Page to download the ROM for USB burning.

ROM Infos:

Version(Latest): edge2-android-12-v230625 Update List:

Version: edge2-android-12-v230325 Update List:

Version: edge2-android-12-v230315 Update List:

  • KSettings: add support for setting rotation angle and screen density manually
  • KSettings: fix setting the fan mode, restart cannot be saved
  • Camera: fix the imx415 camera preview image orientation
  • Camera: fix imx415 IQ file error path
  • Camera: fix lens-focus of imx415
  • Camera: fix motor drive error caused by sleep wake-up
  • Camera: fix camera1 and camera2 interface cameras are easy to exit when opened
  • Camera: increase photo quality
  • WIFI: update bcmdhd driver to 101.10.361.29
  • WIFI: Open wifi sta and AP coexistence mode
  • HDMI: fix 8K hdmid no display
  • HDMI: fix the problem of abnormal display caused by VOP VCNT acquisition error
  • LCD: change [HDMI or DP + DSI ] to [HDMI + DP or DSI ] config
  • LCD: Compatible with old TS050 and new TS050
  • TP: Add TS101 touch screen touch wake-up system
  • DDR: improve the stability of RK3588S DDR
  • FS: add exFat file system support
  • APP: fix kodi&bilibili and other applications do not use hardware decoder
  • APP: add DocumentsUI app
  • Other: turn off disk encryption of userdata partition

Version: edge2-android-12-v230114 Update List:

  • Fix the problem of connecting two USB cameras. Click the switch camera button icon to switch to the second camera screen
  • Fix the problem of abnormal sound after the 8K hdmi is plugged in first
  • Integrate logic related switches between Edge2-IO MIC and mainboard DMIC
  • Integrate Edge2-IO audio and hdmi audio logic related switching
  • Complete LED setting interface control optimization
  • Complete the unification of LED status after power-on
  • Third-party APP forces horizontal screen and is compatible with Gsensor induction rotation
  • Add Edge2-station access identification and control 5V power off and on
  • Remove the battery icon in the upper right corner and the battery option in the settings
  • Turn up the default volume and turn off the touch key tone by default
  • Fix the problem that the Tone2/Tone2 Pro is plugged into the USB2.0 port or inserted into the Tea, and there is no sound when playing
  • Fix the problem that youtu APP does not play video smoothly.
  • Add new IMX415 camera support
  • Add 10-inch screen (TS101) support
  • Add Realtek RTL8156 2.5G USB network card support
  • Merge commit_release_rkr12 version code

Version(Beta): edge2-android-12-v220920.img.xz

Known important issues:

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :

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This build broke the file access framework. Prior builds it was working fine, but now – apps that allow access to the file system that do not have their own file browsers are broken.

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@thesilente The next version will solve this problem.

Is the TS101 touchscreen to be released anytime soon ?


I installed edge2-android-12-v230625 on edge2 and there are several problems.

-no possibility to customize the rotation speed of the fan or to choose the different temperatures and associated speed.

-mediacodec surface and mediacodec hardware acceleration does not work (green screen) on h/x265 1080p videos.
software decoding works but CPU usage is above 25%.
For other videos h/x264 or h/x265 1080P and 2160P HDR10 the image is perfect and the processor runs at 7-8%

player: kodi 20.2 32bit or 64bit, mxplayer, vlc

@ goenjoy Tell me, if I download the Android source code and compile it myself, will the changes made be like in your firmware Edge2-android-12-v230114

like in edge2-android-12-v230625

Edge2 has been updated to Android 13 version. The code download is not that fast yet, it is estimated to be next week.