Key mapping and fps

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Hello i just got my edge 2 and having problems using a good key mapping and mouse app and I also
Set my hdmi resolution to 240 fps and used a fps counter and only was getting 60 fps and game seemed slow . Can you help me with these problem

Hello @Reallone

Which image you used? Android or Ubuntu ?

I am using android and google play store game

Hello @Reallone

@goenjoy will help you.

Thank you very much when can they help me ?

@Reallone I have a general understanding of the problem you described. We will release a new version within this week, and then you can confirm it.

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Can you please let me know when the new version is released ? Will the new version have a key mapper ? And will it address the fps problem ?

Can you describe it more clearly?

When I try to use a key mapping app from play
Store it does not work properly and many
Times the screen turns sideways and I cannot use it . I also have high fps setting but the actual fps is very slow

I don’t understand. Can you record a video for me?

I sent you video via email pls let me know if you receive it

Also the game is running very slow can you help with that as well Plesse

I don’t see it. You can upload the video to Google Cloud Disk or Youtube.

There are still problems to be solved, not so fast.

What is your hdmi resolution?

You can download the latest firmware for verification.