Android OS 12 image 20230315, no wifi!

Just downloaded the latest image for Android 12 via OOWOW. It is the version released on March 17th 2023. What surprised me is that this image build does not recognize the Edge 2 built-in Wifi.

Unbelieveable! never had an OS image so disappointing.

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@chj915 Before we release the firmware, the test engineer will perform a full functional test on it. Wifi testing is no problem. After powering off and restarting the device, can it turn on wifi? Is this question 100% reproducible?

Exact same problem here. I’ve tried reboot, power off-wait-power on, Android factory restart, and Android “fix network”.

Very surprised, the other builds “just work” out of the box, wish you the best in fixing this one.

There’s an interference with USB. If you boot without any USB plug in it will work.
So unplug your usb peripheral on boot and see if it works.

Will try shortly.

Interestingly, with a USB-C dock attached with ethernet, the WiFi becomes available.

Yep, appears that if you boot with e.g. wireless keyboard/mouse USB dongle Android won’t detect the WiFi hardware for some reason.

Can boot with it unplugged, then plug it in once Android’s finished booting.

Another update (sorry for the multiple posts mods)

Sadly on this build you need to keep the USB (type A) peripherals disconnected during boot into Android for WiFi to be available.

USB (type C) peripherals, however, do not cause the “interference”, and can be left plugged in during (re)boot.

If Khadas Devs / support can advise how, I can share Android running log. Guidance at Android OS - Capture Running Log - YouTube appears to be out-of-date (links in description don’t work).

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If you have root, you can use an app like Syslog(download from apkpure) to grab the logcat.

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My log files made with SysLog below (first two links). Taken after booting Edge2 up into Android with USB type-A peripherals connected to USB type-A ports directly, without any USB-C peripherals (only USB-C power), no WiFi, sent the logs to myself via Bluetooth.


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Last file (due to me being a new user)

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@goenjoy I tried posting links to my logs, but they were marked as spam.

logcat.log above shows:
E/android.hardware.wifi@1.0-service( 430): Wifi driver is not ready.: File exists
The log linked below shows successful WiFi connection, while peripherals were connected via a USB-C dongle hub.


It is not a tricky bug. The edge 2 was claimed to aim for desktop pc alternative, so it is obsolutely normal behavior for end users to connect to a wireless keyboard & mouse via USB port. That’s exactly what I am doing at home, but unfortuntely it failed at boot up with no wifi at all. Maybe Khadas needs more end user testings than the engineer testings. It never happened to the previous builds, so why the sudden we are having this weird issue on this build? Some new features introduced?

Just for additional story sharing:
The similar problem that I have encountered before was an software released by some company on their official website. They offer zip file download, windows installer, and MacOS package. When I downloaded the windows installer, double-clicked it to install, it failed right at the beginning of installation, saying “The installation path C:\Program Files (x86) is not valid”. The path was prefilled in the installer, and I couldn’t think of any reason why it would not be caught by QA or package builder. They have worked so hard to release their product, yet failed at the installation packaging stage. For a moment, I was wondering “Are you serious? Do you really want to release the Windows version of your product or not?”

Thank you for your feedback. We will follow your steps to reproduce this issue, resolve the issue as soon as possible, and reissue the new firmware.

The problem has been solved. When a Bluetooth keyboard is inserted, it will reappear 100%. It takes a test engineer several days to test and verify before it can be released. It is estimated that the firmware version will be released next week.

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The new version of firmware has been released.