Edge2-Android-13-V231123 Rom Release

Please check OOWOW to install the ROM.
Or check USB Burn Firmware Page to download the ROM for USB burning.

ROM Infos:

Version(Beta): edge2-android-13-v231123.img.xz

Known important issues:

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :


rom info ? What improvements?

@ls_lj The most important thing is to upgrade to Android 13. Some issues with Android 12 versions are automatically resolved once upgraded to Android 13. We will only maintain the Android 13 version code in the future.

Hi there,
Do we have OTA update build in now for android 13?

you have upgrade kernel to 6.10 ?

It is 5.10
Mainline kernel is only at 6.7, where do you get 6.10?

The android 13 image is still not available when I checked oowow. Do I have to download it manually to install?

Hello @Kei_up

Yes you will have to install it manually with the steps provided, it’s still a beta image and not intended for ootb usage.

@Kei_up Why is it not available? Can’t you find the Android 13 firmware at that time? I found that I couldn’t find it during today’s verification, so I uploaded it again.