Android missing stock file manager and intent

When i try to find files dolphin crashes, Redream says no app installed, arc browser can’t see the SD in /storage

The picture shows the issue partially. We need a standard aosp file manager included. The one it has now is different from most that I’ve seen in stock images, is it custom?

Also when I use ATV launcher or ark browser it’s not remembering when I tell it always use an alternative launcher.

Something strange is going on here.

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@Slaminger if you have downloaded the vim4 code,please edit the mk file to add file manager.The mk file path is codePath/device/khadas/kvim4/

device/khadas$ git diff
diff --git a/kvim4/ b/kvim4/
index febeee7..9128e5f 100644
--- a/kvim4/
+++ b/kvim4/
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ PRODUCT_COPY_FILES += \
 $(call inherit-product, device/google/atv/products/
@@ -236,6 +236,7 @@ PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \
     KSettings \
     KTools \
     SchPwrOnOff \
+    DocumentsUI \

Or you can download the old firmware that contain file manager.And we will fix this bug as soon as possible.Thanks for your feedback.

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That version you linked also has the same file manager. I’ll have to rebuild :grin:


I have the same problem on Edge2 with Android 12 image.

@peerchemist @Slaminger Thank you for your feedback. I will add this app in the next version.

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