VIMs && Edge Ubuntu Firmware V190830 Rom Release

Here we release some New Ubuntu ROM for VIMs and Edge.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

Change logs

  1. VIM1

    1. kernel update to 4.9.190
    2. add initial support for OTA
    3. add u-boot package support
    4. add install SD image to eMMC script support
    5. switch kodi to 18.3 stable version
    6. add initial support for WiringPi
    7. add V14 support
    8. update ubuntu rootfs
  2. VIM2

    1. kernel update to 4.9.190
    2. add initial support for OTA
    3. add u-boot package support
    4. add install SD image to eMMC script support
    5. add initial support for WiringPi
    6. update ubuntu rootfs
  3. VIM3

    1. kernel update to 4.9.190
    2. add initial support for panel (can’t display with HDMI at the same time)
  4. Edge

    1. Update kernel to 4.4.179
    2. Update loader
    3. Add initial support for OTA
    4. Fixup auto upgrade issue
    5. Update ubuntu rootfs

Upgrade guidance:



Great work and good to see VIM1 still officially supported.

If I flash the eMMC version on vim1/vim3 will it still have the issue of kernel being loaded from the emmc instead of usb when I test the new builts? Or is this resolved in this release?

Also in 5.3rc kodi is there or kodi is just in 4.9 ?

Yes, it still happen until the VIM1 is labeled as EOL, I think it will be at least another two more years for VIM1.


The load sequence of rootfs is:

  • SD card
  • eMMC
  • USB storage

So if you have ubuntu on eMMC, and also have ubuntu on SD card and is inserted in. Then the uboot is loaded from eMMC (we can’t change this) but the kernel and rootfs will be loaded from the SD card.

There is no kodi support for 5.3 now.

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Thanks for your quick response.

Using 4.9 all the VIM’S can be used as a full desktop pc with kodi as media center for movies.

This looks cool now.
Will give it a try this weekend.


Only VIM1 and VIM3 has kodi support. VIM2 doesn’t have kodi support due to lack of GPU driver.

I just tested ubuntu on usb stick and it worked flawlessly on vim1 with kodi being the media centre I think normal. Home user can have a full desktop with this. I played 720p video on kodi and it worked smoothly.

Normal users can just flash ubuntu on eMMC and have a computer cum media center.

I would like to experiment with 4.9 kernel and build manjaro and kodi… Where can I find the kernel 4.9 and kodi source code used for this build?




Config to be used with this? Fenix one or a diff one?


Thanks for the quick response.

I will start to compile it tonight.

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改睡觉啦~ :rofl: :rofl::rofl:

Tried to install latest desktop version ( VIM1_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20190830 ) but i get exactly the same error message that showed up when I tried to install the former version time ago:

At a 99% of the process, when it’s about verifying the rootfs partition it ends up with the known error message. :S

Am I the only one experiencing this problem ?

I think you’re using the old burning tool.

Please try with the new one recommended by khadas team

after the installation some tailoring / modifications are usually needed. After that, what is the easy way to clone the modified and tested installation?

Is there a way to save the VIM1 eMMC content to SD-card so it can be used for cloning similar VIM1 installations?

Or is there a way to save the eMMC image so that it can be used with burning tool for the cloning purpose?

is there a way

Hello, search these forums for the term DDBR. I would think you can still use Armbian running from SD card to back up the eMMC.

I just flashed Ubuntu XFCE 4.9 on VIM1 and everything was fine.

Now I have a full working Linux distro with Kodi.
Also tested booting other linux distro and it boots with its own kernel from the USB.


tks @Frank but how to make OTA update work ? and how do we know that there is an available update ?

Yep, the most recent burning tool did the job.
Thanks for the hint !

Did not have enough time over the weekend to really try out this newly installed Ubuntu version. What I’ve noticed so far is BT sound works fine. On the other hand, 720p videos opened with the preinstalled Chromium Browser seem rather laggy (guess it does not make much sense to try out FHD within a Web Browser, then).

Haven’t tried Kodi yet.
What is the max. resolution supported by Kodi in this Ubuntu version ? FHD ?



It would be disappointing if HD video is not fluid in chromium or at least in one other browser !