Bonus for the Top10 Contributors of Khadas Community

Hi, Khadas Users:
As you might all know, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon, Khadas team will leave Shenzhen and back to our own hometown to meet with our families.

It’s almost one and half years from the day we launched our 1st product: Khadas VIM1, time flies and our team is growing up, but still a small team as we are at the moment.

We know that, we have to thank all the users who choose the VIMs product, the developers who stick in building better ROMs, the geeks who always help us running the Khadas Forum, and more…

And here now, we launch a whole new product: KFCI. (Not the KFC :wink: )

Khadas Forum Contribution Index

The KFCI(Khadas Forum Contribution Index) is a measure of contribution to Khadas Community, it’s a set of data recorded for all the Khadas users:

  • Find the Menu icon on the upper-right corner(Close to your Avatar)
  • Click the Users and go to users page
  • Choose the option All Time to show the contribution statistics

How to get your KFCI:

  • Receivers x 100
  • Topics x 10
  • Replies x 5
  • Given x 2
  • Read x 1

Well, in my case, my KFCI at the moment is:

328*100 + 494*2 + 71*10 + 1100*5 + 7100*1 = 47098

Check the further details at:

Bonus for the top10 KFCI

  • Top1: Cash USD $500 and Gift Voucher valued at $100
  • Top2-3: Cash USD $100 and Gift Voucher valued at $100
  • Top4-10: Gift Voucher valued at $100

Regarding the bonus time, let’s say 28 Feb, that time we all have back to Shenzhen for working, and then we will publish the Top10 users by posting here.

Note: Khadas Staffs not join the rewards

Gift Voucher Usage

The gift voucher can be used for buy all Khadas products, basically, including:

Google Translation

As Khadas audiences are from the whole world, see that screenshot from Google Analytics:

We just added Google Translation feature for Khadas Global Forum months ago, which can translate most of the languages to the different local language setup by users.

Take a try by commenting with your local language. :yum:

Suggestion & Feedback

We know that we still have a lot more to do and to be done in the ‘next year’, kindly do the feedback, we will hear all the voices from you and focus more on it next year:

  • Better Documents
  • Better ROMs
  • Better shopping experiences(Short delivering time)
  • Better Custom Service by the distributors
  • Better Products
  • Others

Let’s move forward, together!



Thanks and happy Chinese New Year!


Khadas Team


It will be useful for all users and improve the exchange of information.



chez moi il est 12h04, il est leur de manger.


dans le top t’en, baby !:innocent:

@balbes150, what will you do with your usd600 ??

Yep, same question here :blush:

great initiative! congratulations to the winners !

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Is there a reward for just doing the KFCI math?:rofl:

I believe someone mentioned KFC, extra crispy wings for me please. :smile:

Seriously though, KFCI seems like a nice program. Nice touch Team Khadas.

PS Congratulations balbes150, it is very well deserved. :thumbsup:

Hope Team Khadas has a great Chinese New Year.:tada: :sparkler:

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Happy New Year to all friends and the Khadas Crew…

There is still time before the official announcement of the results and the results may change.

IMHO. The $ 500 premium would share.

  1. 100$ transfer community Armbian.
  2. 100$ transfer community Libreelec (Kszaq & etc)
  3. 100$ transfer to Baylibre community (Neil & etc)
  4. 100$ transfer to community ArchLinux
  5. The remaining 100$ is used to encourage those users who create (and will create in the future) documentation for users of Khadas products (step-by-step instructions, video instructions, etc.).

Excellent I would not want the Funds myself but Happy to contribute to any worthy organisation that needs it…


that’s really cool and generous of you guys n gals

Hi, Robert. Can be will support your own forum FreakTab or project Volumio ?

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I think we don’t need more language (Russian), it is better not to spend time on it, it is better to spend on support.

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Android was the underdog once again, but it one of the top most common direction. My friends has more than 70 pcs VIM1&VIM2 (with my carpc ROM) on their car…

And this is my VIM’s + 1pcs on my car.

This mean you make good money from VIMs. May be you will give some bonuses too?

No, my ROM is free. You can dowload it or

I made the big advertisement in Russia, a lot of people bought on my recommendation and installed my free ROM. And I didn’t get anything free from khadas. I bought all the VIM at my own expense.

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I am kidding mate :wink: And there is nothing wrong i think if your work will help to Khadas guys to sale more VIMs i think.
Bigger the community is more fun for all.

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I did the same in Bulgaria and also have paid my VIMs :wink:

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