Bonus for the Top10 Contributors of Khadas Community


Has anyone is Russia worked on the dTV board in terms of Linux support ?
I know a lot of good stuff gets done in Russia and we never hear about it because of the Language.



balbes150 is the specialist at this.


Its been looked at over at the Libreelec forum but their waiting for a Sample to arrive.
No point in reinventing the wheel if its already been done.



@shoog, @davemf, keep down. No point of this. It is true that balbes did almost everything for Khadas VIM for the moment. And this is actually more than all others did here including me and you. Language and geography are not important when hobby is a driver.

dTV (vtv) is not so easy. All we waiting for linux drivers. I hope that not only balbes, but alfa and not only work on this.

Stay cool guys! Keep calm and …
Let is VIM be forever :wink:


I’m calm :grinning:, I’ve been with Gouwa and Terry since geekbox. But they don’t support it anymore.


Hi, guys:
Time to announce the lucky uers:

Top10 KFCI:

  • Balbes150: 63212
  • RDFTKV: 26242
  • Ravelo: 13969
  • Tommy21: 11642
  • davemf: 10771
  • kszaq: 9906
  • vrabac: 9164
  • abutkov: 8535
  • Robert: 8468
  • superceleron: 8134

Screenshot(2018-02-28 9:00 AM):

Our guys will contact the top10 KFCI users for the bonus :sunny:

Have a good day!


Congratulations to all.

Thank you to Team Khadas.

Welcome back from holiday. :slight_smile:


So this means i have won something for the first time in my life :smile:

You’ve made my day great, i never thought i will win something just by writing here, now i’ll do it even more, but as always constructive.

I also forgot to thank all the community for their likes, and all of this that made me into top ten winners :wink:


Good things can come to those that Persist…Tommy21 :+1:

It’s not the Destination but the Journey especially with Amlogic… :wink:

Thanks all :grinning:


So you might say that the VIMs changed your life, or at least your luck.

Good stuff.


It really feels good to win something, but i would have sign not to win anything in my life if it means i won’t lose my health.

I know i sound like a smartass, but believe me that is true.


As they say, health is the first wealth. :slight_smile:

Fortunately, winning and health are not mutually exclusive. Hope your luck holds on both fronts.


Nice nice, is always good to win something :slight_smile:


Thank you Khadas Team, I did not expect that but it is nice price.