Indiegogo Campaign + Edge Developer Samples

Hi Everyone!

We would like to announce that we’ll be doing an Indiegogo Campaign for the Khadas Edge + Accessories.

Accessories: Khadas Captain Carrier Board + Edge IO + Camera Module + Touch Screen + Edge V + …

Planned Campaign Launch Date: 22 September 2018

Stretch Goals:

  • Edge1S: Based on RK3399Pro, compatible with the Khadas Captain Carrier Board
  • Khadas Projector Development Kit (PDK), with the MXM3 Connector
  • Khadas AR-Kit

As you all know we also have our Forum Bonus, what this means is that top contributors will be receiving free review samples of the Khadas Edge!

Do let us know your thoughts, below! :slight_smile:


If the board still looks like shown here I really wonder how you want to take care of heat dissipation?

Hello @tsangyoujun, Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the launch of the Edge. :slight_smile:


Hello tkaiser, From CNX, “The board should ship with two Wi-Fi antennas and a heatsink.”. Also, “Cooling fan header controlled by PWM, with a 0.8mm pitch header”.

Heatsink should help. Fan header and controller should help take care of any excess heat.

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Well, huge heatsink is needed is the correct term. At least for people like me who hate annoying small fans.

In the meantime we (as broader ARM SBC community) have quite some experience with RK3399 and heat dissipation:

Such a huge passive heatsink as can be seen on the RockPro64 is sufficient, anything smaller not. At least not if you want to take advantage of the CPU horsepower living inside RK3399.

BTW: It’s easy to measure ‘thermal efficiency’ now with sbc-bench. I developed the tool especially to get an idea how/when throttling occurs.


Excellent, good to see its finally happening

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You’re welcome! I’m new here, handling the website mostly, as well as the English translations (native speaker). :slight_smile:


Hi tksaiser:
Thanks for the feedback. Actually we designed the Edge Heatsink as an enclosing/case, also support mounting cooling fan.

We will update more details about Edge soon. :wink:

Good day!

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But the Edge promo/product page says that just a heatsink will be included (see screenshot). Or does “Heatsink x1(TBC)” equal the : Edge Heatsink enclosing/case, that you mentioned.

Yep, we just not sure whether the package box should include the heatsink, as at first we designed the package in quite small dimensions:

Here post some early draft:


That looks prettty sweet.
Please also consider the Captain board for the case, if possible at all.

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Hi Guys,

We’re currently working on the Edge v12.

In addition, we have the Edge-V, which is basically a VIM Board with the RK3399 Chip. The samples should be in within 1-3 days, will post some photos then! :smiley:



Does Edge-V will habe box and heatsink/cooler already mounted?

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Underneath CPU Area, Thermal Pad to a Metal Base can help a lot with heat dissipation

Suggest maybe a case that is all Metal top and bottom and CPU can be sandwiched Between Thermal Pads
No Fan, No Noise, No dust, or cat hairs :smiley:


Well @Gouwa asks me to keep things secret for now. :smiley:

Good idea, passive cooling :slight_smile:

Yes we should do some tests for that.

Good its Excellent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From the images I see pity there was not more thru holes in the PCB, round CPU area.
Could have easily mounted Slab of alloy top a bottom with thermal Pad,

A small fan if needed just to keep the air moving
Buts vents and the law of thermal thermal dynamics normally takes care of that must have vents

My fiddling with just the Normal Android Boxes and I have fiddle a few
Never any vents must cost a lot of extra to put in vents…:smiley:
Look forward to you investigations,

And Please a Good 3 to 5 amp Power supply…


Edge support USB-C compatible adapter, which mean that the volage can up to 20V :slight_smile:

We will design a spcify cooling fan for Edge

There are four M.2 mounting holes on Edge board, the two close the USB ports, and the other two close to the edge finger :wink:

Well, I think following can share now :blush: