2020 KFCI: Bonus for Top 10 Contributors

Dear Khadas Community,

The past year was a trying time for many of us. We were stuck at home during the repeated covid-19 lockdowns, had to endure swab testing and mask wearing, and economies around the world took a big hit. So we’re really glad that you’re still here with us in 2021!

On the bright side, the reduction in human activity has allowed nature to recover. The skies have turned blue, more dolphins and fish are being spotted at sea, and quarantined people report hearing bird song and seeing wild animals roam the streets for the first time.

This time of social isolation and separation also drove many people to seek new friends and companionship online. During 2020, Khadas Forum grew by 993 new members, we had 740 new contributors, and 21,600 new posts - the highest recorded so far!

It is therefore with hopeful feelings that we announce the top 10 contributors for Khadas Forum during the year of 2020. In addition to our senior members, there are also several new winners! Khadas Team always welcomes new contributors to join our ranks.

2020 KFCI winners, congratulations to:

Note: We will DM (direct message) each one of you your Khadas Shop Vouchers, and determine your preferred method of cash disbursement or donate to a cause of your choice.

Gift voucher usage:

The Khadas Shop Voucher can be used to buy all products on khadas.com:

  • VIM3L/3/2/1 SBC Boards
  • Edge/Edge-V SBC Boards
  • Tone2 Pro/Tone1 (original Tone Board)
  • New VIM Heatsink
  • Edge Heatsink
  • 3705 Cooling Fan
  • M2x Extension Board
  • DIY Cases
  • Other Accessories

For our new members, this is the formula for calculating your KFCI score:

  • Score = Received x 100 + Given x 2 + Topics x 10 + Replies x 5 + Read x 1

How to check forum statistics:

  • Find the hamburger icon at the upper-right corner (to the left of your avatar).
  • Click “users”, to go to the users page.
  • Choose the option “year” to show the contribution statistics for this past year.

Analyst notes:

Due to the increased variety in our member activity for 2020, I was extra careful to sort the table by multiple categories before calculating the final results in my own spreadsheet. This ensures that the results do in fact represent a fair and complete view of each member’s contributions.

KFCI spirit:

The KFCI Bonus rewards our forum members who contribute to building our spirit of community and mutual help. As we venture forward into the unknown of 2021, our sense of community will continue to be essential to ensure continued prosperity for all in our Khadas Community.

Suggestions & feedback:

Feedback is essential to help us to improve your user experience - good and bad comments are welcome. During 2021, we hope that both Khadas Team and our Forum Members will do their best to give quality replies to each question asked.

Here are some helpful tips:

2021 upcoming products and roadmap:

  • Tone2 Pro (launched)
  • Tone2 (standard edition)
  • Edge2 (RockChip RK3588)
  • Mind (…mystery…)

Previous KFCI announcements:

Wishing you a prosperous 2021!
Khadas Team


Good morning! Many thanks to the Khadas team and community! I am very pleased to be in the top ten! I wish Khadas to develop and always be the first!


Congratulations to all 2020 KFCI recipients, and a little extra to Electr1. :smiley:

Well said in your opening You Jun. All of these new members energize and help propel these forums in to the future. Not the least of which have been new members Electr1 and Vladimir.v.v., these guys are a dynamo,… a dual dynamo,… a dynamic duo. :smile:
However, I’m not sure the Covid factor drove the new memberships, I think it was just (a)good company. :grin:

Thanks to the whole Khadas Team for the KFCI and these forums. Looking forward to all the new techy things the new year brings.


Massive thanks for this - as @RDFTKV said (a) good company that drives this forum - enjoy being here!


You’re most welcome! You and @Electr1 keep this place alive. I’ve been replying less, because I tend to do one-liners, so @Gouwa told me that I need to be patient and consolidate my replies into a single post. :smile:

Yes we are, the people here are fun. Though I do believe that covid-19 played a part. The balance of the natural world is essential to preventing pandemics in the first place, was watching this informative video from David Attenborough: David Attenborough’s warning: are humans responsible for pandemics? | Extinction: The Facts - BBC - YouTube

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Will this be the year or the ocular implant, the USB-Cr(cranial) port, or the Fizbit, a device to remotely check the carbonation level of one’s beer?
My, I can hardly wait! :laughing:


Thank you friends! It is always nice to be in a good friendly company !! Thank you all!


Congrats to all and khadas who continues to support the community :slight_smile:


A mighty congratulations for all the contributors to the forum, and the khadas team,
I didn’t see this coming at all, such a wonderful surprise :smiley:

as Youjun stated Covid was a big hit to human life and economies, but it gave us all a chance to come online and connect with the world, it has been my first year being active online, and I enjoyed being able to help others and also be helped on an open forum for open source hardware,

it has been quite the pleasure to serve all that seek help, and be helped by others in the time of need :slightly_smiling_face:

I congratulate everyone for being a part of of this community and also on a personal note helping me learn more about the embedded linux and the ways it can do many wonderful things, I especially thank the khadas team and every member of the community for helping me with this amazing journey :heart:

I look forward to what the khadas team is bringing to us in the coming days, anticipating what new things it brings for us :heart_eyes:

cheers to all!


Congratulations to all the winners.

I thought this time the contest would have been scraped due to the current situation worldwide.

Happy to be a part of this community and being a winner once again.

Thank you Khadas team for having such a wonderful community platform.

Happy and prosperous Chinese new year to everyone. Stay safe.