Tone2 Pro - Firmware Update v1.41

Hello Community!

We’ve just released the v1.41 firmware for your Tone2 Pro, you can download it from here.


  • Do not power-off your Tone2 Pro during the upgrade process, doing so will permanently corrupt the device firmware
  • Please disconnect BT Magic before starting the upgrade process, failure to do so will result in corrupted MCU firmware
  • Do not use the Tone2’s firmware with the Tone2 Pro’s, doing so will permanently corrupt the Tone2 Pro’s firmware

MCU Firmware Changelog:

  • Improved volume adjustment
  • Enabled HID volume support
  • Improved encoder operation experience with a new jitter elimination algorithm
  • Added support for BT Magic
  • Improved automatic input switching (In order to support BT Magic APP control in the future, I2S(bluetooth) is no longer supported in automatic input switching, needs set to I2S input source manually)
  • Reduced probability of an unrecognized device
  • Fixed MQA max volume noise

XMOS Firmware Changelog:

  • Improved LED display indication
  • Fixed MFi version display issue
  • Fixed iMac wake-from-sleep issue
  • Fixed BT Magic’s noise issue when playing back PCM768
  • Fixed Mac OS HID volume issue

Download XMOS Firmware:

Due to limited USB bandwidth, Tone2 Pro cannot support HID volume control and PCM768 at the same time, so these features were implemented separately in two firmware versions. Choose either the normal firmware or HID firmware for your Tone2 Pro’s XMOS chip.

Since the MCU firmware has been combined into the XMOS firmware, after upgrading the XMOS, it is necessary to replug (off then on) the power supply to enter the MCU upgrade mode, thus completing the entire upgrade process. During this time, the LED light will flash 3 times: check upgrade - upgrade - upgrade is complete.

Known Issues:

  • When Tone2 Pro is connected, your PC will not enter the sleep state automatically.
    (We have tried to solve this problem, but the current solution will cause an error exception when switching to the next DSD track, so we have not released this update)
  • The Tone2 Pro may become unrecognized when a Windows 10 PC wakes up from sleep. This issue was not observed on Windows 11 nor macOS.

How to Upgrade:

  • For v1.2 or later firmware, please check page 6 of the User Manual: Firmware Upgrade.
  • For v1.0 firmware (serial number starts with 0C: or 11:), in addition to updating the XMOS firmware, the MCU needs to be updated separately.

Required Software Tools:

Information for updating the MCU (only v1.0 firmware needs this):

Some Issue Maby be Meet

Some device maybe meet the problem: not bitrate indication after update the v1.41 firmware.
it need to upgrade a special version vff.ff to reset default setting, and then upgrade v1.41 firmware again.
Here are some devices that have encountered this situation.

Have Fun!


I think this firmware has some problem with Tidal and USB Audio Player Pro app while MQA playback.
With max volume it has noisy and distortion sound. Please check it ASAP.


Hi jlafu,
Thank you for your feedback, we will confirm it as soon as possible. and which version you are using? normal version or hid version?

for me hid version.
but others say same problem happened on normal version too.

Hi jlafu,
we tested a few MQA songs through Tidal and haven’t found that noise yet, we still need to do more tests. Could you share which song you tested whit us? Also could you tell us the impedance of the headphones you are currently using?
thanks so much.

this song we are testing:

you better test with mobile phone android.

OK, I have got this noise at this song, will check it now.
At 5 seconds, the sound of the piano

Here is the PC circumstance.

  1. HID or Normal firmware 1.4
  2. Windows PC
  3. Tidal Program setting
  • Use Exclusive Mode enabled
  • Passthrough MQA enabled
  1. MQA song playback

and android circumstance

  1. HID or Normal firmware 1.4
  2. Galaxy Fold3
  3. CtoC cable connection
  4. UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro) exclusive mode
    MQA enabled (in-app purchased)
  5. tidal login in UAPP
  6. MQA playback

but when I decrease hardware volume about -5dB in UAPP, It doesn’t produce noise or distortion.

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Hi jlafu,
We have fixed this issue, but we need more time to test, and V1.41 firmware will be released in the next few days.
thanks for your help, have fun!

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Hi All,
The v1.41 firmware has been updated, aready fixed MQA max volume noise, thanks for jlafu’s help. have fun!

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Fantastic, you’re awesome. :fist_right:

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What happens if I leave the Bluetooth module installed when upgrading?
Is the MCU firmware permanently broken? Or will there be no problem if I upgrade the firmware again?

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Hi iljcrsh

The MCU firmware will not upgrade success. When in this state, need to disconnect the BT Magic, and then replug (off then on) the power supply, the MCU will continue to update complete.

These two situations are prohibited, otherwise will permanently corrupt the device firmware

Any kind of ETA on sleep state fix?



Any update in filters area?
maybe some “xbass-like”?

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Hi Noel.fs
After connecting to the PC, the PC cannot automatically enter the sleep state, at present. This issue may be updated in a future version. This issue is related to the HID function.

Hi Alejandro,
Tone2 Pro has 7 filter modes, is there a style you like? And, Tone2 Pro does not support EQ adjustment, at present.

Here is the 7 filter list below:

Have fun.

IMHO, the bass boost and widening of the sound (justo like in other portable DACs) would be wonderful additions. I find no difference between the filter modes, even listening multiple times.
I hope you can consider it for a future update.

Truly yours,

Hi Alejandro,
A discussion thread about the filter could check here, and we will consider the EQ adjustment in the future. thanks for your suggestion. :bouquet:

Is there any change to input switching when using BTmagic?

I thought BTmagic would have priority over USB in sound output when Bluetooth is connected with the selection knob auto, but it works differently than I expected.

In order to output sound using BTmagic in v1.3, I2S had to be selected from the selection knob, which seems to be the same in v1.41.