Khadas Tone 2 Pro, bricked after firmware flash error

I tried to flash firmware ver. 1.41 from 1.30 of my Tone 2 pro. But due to loose USB connection, the firmware update progress was failed and it is now not detected in my computer. (I also tried to plug it in my laptop, the same situation). The knob light and red light was light up as soon as I connect Tone 2 pro with computer. But nothing happened when i tried to rotate the knob, click, change mode. nothing work.
I bought it back in Oct 2022.
I am currently on business travel and didn’t bring the Tone 2 pro unit with me to show photos. I will be able to upload photos once i arrive back to home.

My current set up and stauts

  1. OS - Windows 11
  2. Unrecognized after the update (update failed during flashing due to loose USB cable) (not detected as a device. Not appear in Device manager or does not appear in cmd via Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly | Where-Object { $_.InstanceId -match ‘^USB’ })
  3. The indicator (red light) and knob lights are constantly on when connected (or on status)
  4. I swapped 3 USB cables, 1 is brand new and confirmed not working
  5. I tried to update following this guide
    Tone2 Pro - Firmware Update v1.41
  6. serial number start with 14, (I can only tell details once I arrive home)
  7. I saw similar case in this forum. Please see the link below
    Tone2 pro : no device found when update firmware

Hi Lay_Lwinko,
Sorry for the bad experience.

Why this happening

After an unexpected flash failure, XMOS will restore the factory version firmware. The factory firmware of XMOS is not very compatible with the earlier upgrade program of the MCU, and the current device status is stuck in the upgrade process of XMOS to MCU. Subsequent MCU firmware has fixed this issue.

Currently, The MCU program needs to be upgraded to solve this problem.

Need your help:

  • Provide the serial number, and I will generate a firmware based on your serial number to provide it to you. (As the serial number is fixed in the MCU and the brush opportunity is lost, it needs to be directly generated in the firmware based on your serial number information)

  • Purchase a ( ST-Link v2 hardware tool ) and follow the instructions to upgrade the MCU.

Follow this step

Note: After providing the serial number, I will generate an MCU firmware containing the serial number and send it to you. And then upgrade the MCU

More info

If any questions, please contact me again, thanks.

Noted and thanks for the reply.
I will provide you with serial number on 18 Oct 2023.
I’ve ordered ST Link v2 and it should arrive to me within 2 months. I will update you progress update once I receive the ST Link.

Hello kenny.
My Tone 2 pro serial code is 14A103F1.
I am expecting to receive ST-Link V2 by next week.

Hi Lay_Lwinko,
Already sent the MCU firmware, please check your personal message. thanks.

Hi kenny,

Thank you very much for swift response. I just happened to received my ST Link V2 today and successfully restored MCU and upgraded to 1.41 firmware.

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