Case for the VIM3 and M2X

Ooops okay, I forgot about the antennas.

I am glad that everything fits as expected.

Does the LCD fit? I notice it is sitting a little higher than expected; oh you didn’t secure it down.

I wonder why everyone uses black material, how about orange? :smile:

Nicely done, It looks like it came out very well !

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screen also fit. but not yet glued. so it looks some gap. but not a big problem. I need to polish(?) or sand before final assembly.


Nicely done. :smiley:

If there’s more demand for this casing, I will spend more time to refine the design.

The FPC cable can be neatly folded, 3 folds should be enough, and it will fit snugly beneath the panel.


yes it would would be more nice if it is polished,
Its ABS right ? after a bit of sanding use some Acetone it gives nice injection mold finish.



I’ve made some minor improvements:

  1. Added slots for the antenna connectors
  2. Made the pencil holder easier to print
  3. Increased the opening diameter for the SBC’s buttons
  4. Reinforced the internal structure, more contact points for the SBC
  5. General improvements to the exterior design, like fillets and chamfers

Download: .stp or .stl


Very nice Design, Hat’s off @tsangyoujun :grinning: I was in the midst of designing something just like this for my project,

Here is One more suggestion, you could try changing the pencil hole stand for something a bit more subtle and dedicate that space for Batteries if one wanted to make this a more portable device.


Yes, it looks stylish, good work!

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Alright, I hear ya. Here’s a version without the pencil holder:

Download: .stp or .stl

Just in case you want to do your own designs, here’s a model containing the VIM3, heatsink, fan and LCD:

Download: .stp


I’m thinking that later designs could reduce the LCD over-hang, to make it even easier to print.

And if the corners weren’t so rounded, it could be possible to decrease the distance between the buttons and the outside of the case.

Perhaps adding a 45 degree chamber on the bottom, so it looks slimmer and easier to hold.

Alternatively, the LCD box and SBC box could be printed separately, could have some other design advantages to that.

For another time…


@tsangyoujun by any chance do you know what the screen orientation would be if the display was connected up to it ? or can you flip the screen orientation in the OS ?

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change of orientation, I think it would be logical

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Yep but remember that screen orientation is not yet there in ubuntu, still a bit finicky,

this is a software nuance, I’m sure it will be fixed, auto-rotation will be even better, but this is a hardware nuance

Yes, I know, will be soon fixed, but if Auto rotate comes, I will have finally have the Chance to use the Accelerometer onboard :grinning:

What is a hardware nuisance ?

I have this word written differently!


you confused buddy!

Nah, I believe got that word right on the first try :grin:

hmm, I still recommend verifying the words again

Oops, I understood that wrong, never heard of such a word, Thanks for Giving me the opportunity to add it in my vocabulary :smile:

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