Vim3 android + family link

Wondering if anyone has tried and managed to get family link set up on vim3 on Android - I’m using the latest published vim3 android image.

Can I stall the app but can’t get it working - get exactly the symptoms described here but I’ve got no experience on Android! Guess I might need to install a load more apks or something but if anyone has already fixed it then help much appreciated!

Want to give my daughter one of my spare vim3s - case (green is her favourite colour…) is all sorted - just need to get the family link bit sorted now!


Excuse Mate ?, where did you get this case ? :smiley:
It looks splendid, could you show more pictures ?

Just a simple quick case i knocked up - can provide the source files if anyone is interested but it has very few connectors exposed (ignore the heatsink being on the wrong side of the board in this exploded view - no idea why!)


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It is very nice, too bad I don’t have a 3D printer, to print one :unamused:

you could have taken a look at this design by Tsangyoujun too…

Yeah saw that but wanted less ports exposed as she will only get dirt in them and also wanted a screen bezel as she is bound to put it down upside down and scratch the screen otherwise! Plus I don’t like printing with supports if I can help it - don’t like getting them off again!


Hmm, yes I agree, but the design is very beautiful, and very child-proof :+1:


Yes that looks very child proof!

My design was intended for developers who are usually adults. :smile:


Adults? please reconsider your phrase, I would think people doing phone drop tests are adults as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep - very different use cases! Would defo use yours if I was printing a case for me!

Shouldn’t have our the case picture on as it’s distracting from my actual question lol :joy:

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Yeah, it is very nice, no other reason for our distraction :laughing:

But regarding your original question…,
Are you sure the app is not working ?

I see there is a manual method, where you setup a google account in your child’s name and link it to your account, have you tried that method ?

Haha - thanks :grinning:

Yeah - have tried manual way - but get stuck at same place as the first post in that link above. Was hoping not to have to get into messing around with APK files but looks like I will have to!

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Good luck mate, make sure not to get caught by google for messing with their family apps :grin:

But just something to tell you, I hope your child is not old enough to understand this tech stuff, If I was your kid…,
Trust me I would have found out that it was a khadas device, come to this forum, find out how to reflash the device and regain control for myself :smiling_imp:

trust me kids nowadays are very tech aware, I have no trust in this kind of child tech protection :upside_down_face:

Give her a few years and she will defo be there! At the moment she has no access to a computer to do the reflash so I’m safe for a bit. I have no doubt she will figure out how to get round it pretty quickly - but I view this as good learning and am combining it with education on online safety etc!

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well that is true, kids need their healthy dose of technology, and it needs to be delivered safely,
especially in a time where there are a lot of predators on the loose,

Keep us updated, will see what else can be done to help your Project :+1:

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