Case Vim 3 with display

the main parts are taken from the Internet and edited

Нашёл! :heart_eyes:

буду просить у вас модель на 4pda :innocent:

Nice case :smile:
Any plans for a battery powered version ?

I have a battery from a 4000 mah phone, I can mount it in an existing case, under the display:)

It’s not very practical. You should had designed it to sit an angle on the flat surface, so that one can use it with keyboard and mouse.

Missed opportunity.

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hi, how did you manage to bring out the AUX sideways?:grin:

Very nice touch. Makes me want a 3D printer even more.


hi, it was a jewelry job :grinning:


what is that board doing?

use it as a media player

They are quite fun :smile:

But if you don’t have one, you can still use / imaterialise / 3D Print Hubs

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Possible to share your CAD file? :smile:

Thanks, that may prove to be a handy resource for me. However, that will do little to curb my curiosity about 3D printer tech. So one is in my future, it is just a matter of when. I want one,…I want one,…I want one. :grin:



Добрый день Вадим! Очень понравился ваш проект, могли б поделится моделью корпуса! Заранее спасибо! а А вы не делпли модель с добавлением платы разширения М2?

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@bigsergey64 Здравствуйте, если вам интересно, вы можете увидеть некоторые из моделей, которые я и @tsangyoujun создали, они для VIM3 / 3L / EdgeV и Display, проверьте их здесь:

При необходимости я могу изменить его, чтобы разрешить и плату M2X :slight_smile:

each project is interesting in its own way

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Yes, this particular one was quite fun :smile:

although I understand your desire to patent your device

Yes, but please don’t do anything to my precious work, Its innocent :rofl: