The Surveillant Project

Hey guys :wave:

this is my submission for the khadas community project competiton

A desktop dashboard for monitoring your local computer system

and cluster computer


  • open source and completely customizeable

  • lightweight and fast

  • highly scaleable

Check out the youtube video I made for it here:

Blog post regarding the project:

:point_right: The Surveillant Project

I also built a cluster for doing some other computing shenanigans
check it out here:

:point_right: Getting started with clustering

I have some other small tidbits and news, soon in some upcoming posts, stay tuned!


Good work my friend.

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@Electr1 I love your creativity, this looks interesting :grinning:

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Link to project on github:

I have added a couple final touch patches that bring some new features like:

  • more theming options for the various graphical components like the gauges, graphs etc.

  • new preconfigured theme palettes, with dark theme, nord theme, etc., just need to change json config to apply the changes


  • small bug fixes and optimizations that have reduced the app’s memory usage!

Happy to brought these new improvements to the table!


Wrapping it all up

As the Development phase has ended
The final post relating to my project,

some crumbs I left out:

Want to know how it all works ?