2020 KFCI: Bonus for the Top 10 Contributors to Khadas Community

Dear Khadas Community,

As our Veteran Members will know, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is once again upon us, and Khadas Team will be leaving Shenzhen to return to our hometowns and our families from 19th Jan to 1st Feb 2020.

It has been almost 3 years since we launched our 1st product, the Khadas VIM1. Time flies, and our team continues to grow, with the A311D VIM3 being launched last year.

We know that we have to thank all users who have chosen to use our Khadas products, developers who commit to building better OS images, and the guys who always help us to run the Khadas Forum.

And so, it is time once again for the KFCI!

For New Community Members:

The KFCI (Khadas Forum Contribution Index) is a measure of one’s contribution to our Khadas Community, and is a set of data recorded for all forum users.

How to See Forum Statistics:

  • Find the hamburger icon at the upper-right corner (to the left of your avatar).
  • Click “users”, to go to the users page.
  • Choose the option “year” to show the contribution statistics for this past year.

How to Calculate Your KFCI:

  • Received x 100
  • Given x 2
  • Topics x 10
  • Replies x 5
  • Read x 1

For example, my KFCI is 773 x 100 + 910 x 2 + 27 x 10 + 480 x 5 + 5400 x 1 = 87190

Bonuses for the Top 10 KFCI winners:

  • 1st Place: $500 USD cash and Khadas Shop Voucher valued at $100
  • 2nd to 3rd Place: $100 USD cash and Khadas Shop Voucher valued at $100
  • 4th to 10th Place: Khadas Shop Voucher valued at $100

Note: We will add all the winners into a private group to disburse the Khadas Shop Vouchers and cash rewards! (Khadas staff are unable to receive KFCI awards)

Gift Voucher Usage:

The Khadas Shop Voucher can be used to buy all Khadas products, such as:

  • VIM3L/3/2/1 SBC Boards
  • Edge/Edge-V SBC Boards
  • Tone Boards (Generic/VIM Editions)
  • New VIM Heatsink
  • Edge Heatsink
  • 3705 Cooling Fan
  • M2x Extension Board
  • DIY Cases
  • Other Accessories

Suggestions & Feedback:

We know that we still have a lot more to do for 2020. Please kindly give us your feedback, and we will attentively listen to all voices here in our forum. Some examples of improvements made in 2019:

Let’s move forward, together!

And finally, Happy Chinese New Year!


Khadas Team

Past KFCI Awards:


Well Done Guys, look forward to more good stuff from they Khadas Vim Team :blush:


Thank you Robert! :smile:


thanks to the Khadas team! :+1::star_struck:


exclude me from this list, I am not participating in this draw

Okay, well you know you did win it again. :smile:

Perhaps you could nominate someone else to receive the reward?

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not my thing, but hip-hop is a cool guy!


Decide for yourself, without me.


Happy Chinese New Year!
Thank you Team Khadas. Enjoy your time back home with family, that is most important.:slightly_smiling_face:
3 years! Time does fly.


Mmm, should I write “Khadas Team” or “Team Khadas”. Man, English grammar. :smile:


Now you know how I feel.:laughing:
Either will work, I have seen both used in a similar context.



thank you to the whole khadas team, what a surprise


Both are fine. Usually, ‘Khadas team’ would be an informal reference to a collaborating group of people. ‘Team Khadas’ would usually be an official name for a team in a competition, such as Team Khadas vs Team Radxa. Of course, in this example there would be no competition.:smile:


I thought for a long time … in the end, I ordered vim2 pro; 3/32; v1.4; emmc, ram from Samsung; 64bit;8 cores ! thanks to the Khadas team!:blush: