VIM3/VIM3L Ubuntu 20.04 Linux 4.9 V1.0-210112 OTA Release

Here we release new Ubuntu OTA update V1.0-210112 for VIM3/VIM3L.

Change logs:

Vendor u-boot(2015.01) & linux (4.9)

  • U-boot

    • kbi: add forcebootsd
    • kbi: add TST status check
    • WOL: fix ethernet issue for mainline kernel
  • Linux

    • Linux 4.9.241
    • add vfm grabber driver for hardware decoding
    • update ge2d drivers
    • fix efuse mac addrss length
  • Ubuntu

    • update ge2d libraries & headers
    • update ion libraries & headers
    • add tengine libraries & headers (Only for VIM3)
    • add amlogic nnsdk libraries & headers

Upgrade guidance:

Based on image V0.9-20200530.

khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo apt update
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo apt full-upgrade
khadas@Khadas:~$ sync
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo reboot

Fully Installation

You can refer to GitHub Actions to download the fully images for all Khadas boards (VIM1/VIM2/VIM3/VIM3L/Edge).

About Hardware Decoding

Here is a demo about how to use the hardware decoding driver.

In this demo, uses hardware decoding, hardware color space conversion with ge2d and hardware H264 encoding with a UVC.

Please check the README about the usage.

About the Tengine

Tengine Lite is developed by OPEN AI LAB. For more please check the information about Tengine.

We have 2 simple demos about Tengine here:

And also the Tengine SDK:

Note: Tengine only supports VIM3 now, it is a preview version and has some limitations, e.g. continuous running time limited to 3 hours, and models limited to MobileNet V1, ResNet, MobileNetSSD and YOLO V3. But we and Tengine team will keep updating!

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image!

Have fun!


Where is the download link to this VIM3/VIM3L Ubuntu 20.04 Linux 4.9 V1.0-210112 OTA Release?

or do we download [V0.9-20200530 ] and do full-upgrade?

OTA release is just a firmware update, you have to upgrade via a the fenix full-upgrade
and yes you have to have a minimum version of v200530 … :slight_smile:

Hello, in the first post there is an update instruction, it will be enough to execute the command, then reboot, new version! OTA is always put on top, in this case you will always save all your data!

You guys make it way toooo complicated.

Just upload last the images to your firmware page.

New users will start here or use the krescue images.

My experiences so far are that these images are old and should better not be used.

Also tried to download from builds Actions · khadas/fenix · GitHub but only get 404 not found.

@RKroells the image are present there, and I am able to download them with no problems…
are you not signed into github ? you have to be signed into github in order to download the images…

After following this guidance to upgrade Mint desktop based on Ubuntu-minimal-focal_Linux-4.9, VIM3 continue to auto restart system.

May I need to upgrade U-boot too?

I also faced this issues. so far my only stable image as to update 20200530.

My guess is that this VIM3 need more Power than 5v 2a

But I actually power it 5v 3a.

Do not use this image, we don’t provide OTA upgrade for minimal image. Please use server or gnome desktop images.

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Thanks, I’ll try gnome desktop.

Another question, what about emmc or SD? Can I upgrade system to v1.0 in emmc?

Based on V20200530 release is ok.

Yes but why is V20200530 + full-upgrade working, but all direkt download newer compiled version doing the boot loop?
If it ain’tthe power supply, it a defective v12?

Eg i just tried to install npu as to your guide and when compiling the vim3 will drop network. Or reboot

Which version ? Where you download the image?

V20200530 with OTA update is our well maintained version. Any other verisons are test version, we won’t maintain them.

Link to the image please.

And the image can’t boot?

The image boot and then got into a boot loop see discord chat I tried multiple images

I will check. Link to the image please.