Tone Board v1.02 Firmware Update


Khadas Tone Board DFU 2019-03-19 Upgrade Notes:

  1. Upgraded the XMOS firmware version to v1.02.
  2. Fixed issue with Tone Boards getting bricked after firmware upgrading.

Firmware v1.02 Download Links:

  2. Google Docs (Alternative)

Upgrade Instructions:

Known Issues:

  • Firmware failed to be upgraded via Mac OS X.
  • Bricked boards may need more preparation before flashing (refer to picture).


  • Check USB-C Cable
  • Check USB Port
  • Check Connections
  • Check Computer
  • Check Windows Driver [Normal] [For Upgrading]

Max Supported Sampling Frequencies:

  • PCM: Up to 384KHz @ 32bit
  • DSD: Up to DSD256 @ 1bit

Finding Out Firmware Version:

You can find out the firmware version using the “Firmware Upgrade Tool for Windows 10”.


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BIG PROBLEM with tone board-music stop after few secc

@tsangyoujun any chance we can upgrade via OSX?


You can attempt an upgrade via OS X. However it didn’t work on my end - The OS X upgrade software isn’t well written, according to @terry.


From the spec, it was said tone board can support pcm 32bit 768khz, why the new firmware only supports 32bit 384khz, what I missed here?


The original spec was in error, we have since corrected it on as well.


Hi youjun,

Why khadas cannot support 768khz? Is that a limitation from hardware, oscillator?


@terry can explain better than I can.


Hi @tsangyoujun

Is there by chance planned any upgrade to newer version of USB drivers for example 4.xx series? :wink: This would be fantastic since there are active firmware made :wink: