Firmware upgrade with Eval drivers?


Looking at the firmware upgrade instructions, I see that some old eval drivers are being used in the instructions. Has anyone upgraded the firmware after installing the latest drivers? ie. is the TUSBAudio Firmware Upgrade icon available after the latest drivers are installed?

Or … do I have to install the eval drivers to upgrade the firmware, then delete the eval drivers and re-install the latest & greatest drivers?


Alright … looks like there was no way around other than installing the older eval drivers to upgrade the firmware … so I just modified the setup.ini in the latest driver directory to include a new Shortcut3 to use the link to the “TUSBAudio Firmware Upgrade.lnk” which points to the “TUSBAudioDfu.exe” file in the latest driver directory. So all is good now … installed the latest drivers and then upgraded the firmware to the newer version.

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Here you go: Tone Board v1.02 Firmware Update