DSD distortion noise on Toneboard

I have the tone board and when playing DSD 64 - 512 native, I get intermittent burst of distortion noise from both channels. PCM has no issues.

I borrowed another tone board from a friend and it did not have this problem.

How to resolve this?

Just to chime in…I am the friend…and we tried this on USB connection to RPi using Volumio and Ropieee (with Roon DSD upsampling and DSD file) and direct to MacBookPro with similar results.

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For reference, here’s the product pic.


@tsangyoujun Any update on this issue. When I tried my unit in the same setup @fyusmal place there was no issues so it seems like a hardware issue.

Hi Guys,

We’re working on a new firmware that hopefully will resolve the issue. Please stand by.

You Jun
Khadas Staff

standing by :slight_smile:

Here you go: Tone Board v1.02 Firmware Update

@tsangyoujun Thanks for the updated firmware.

Loaded it up. Unfortunately it did not solve the intermittent burst of distortion when playing DSD.

Again PCM does not have any issues.

This is very likely a hardware issue as the other tone board did not have such issues.

the firmware seems to be working well? Not getting any noise while playing DSD.

Will continue to monitor it

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I had some beeps and pops on a Tone Board earlier, however I am now unable to reproduce the same “noise” on several other Tone Boards. It could be affecting some devices only. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Zoom H1 recording that time.

My theory is that the infrequent noise or beeps are related to the “busy-ness” of your PC; if the computer is busy, the playback application has to fight for resources, and since the DSD files are so large, there’s some buffering lag, or timing discrepancy. I don’t get any issues with .mp3 or .flac.

Playback was done using a trial version of JRiver Audio for Mac, using a variety of files from DSD 256 to 64, which you can download for free from:

I used a Zoom H1 to record to PCM (.WAV) format, which is the highest quality loss-less recorder I have lying around in the office. :smiley:

Also, since audio quality is very subjective, I’m linking the 3 hour recording below (if anyone complains of copyright, I’ll take it down). This recording is meant for Scientific Testing Purposes Only, and is NOT intended for sale.

Tone Board 180 Minute Recording (Zoom H1, .dsd 256 to 64, JRiver Audio, USB-C, RCA).WAV


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