LibreELEC for Khadas EDGE (RK3399)

I can only see images with KODI-19, kernel 4 or 5. I cannot even make it boot. They seem also too small - 560MB uncompressed is OK?


Anyone can help with integrating the fan support?
I see the dts already has the fan support but LE kernel doesn’t have the following fan patch

If I just add the above patch, will the fan work in LE?
Must an autostart script also be added and kernel config - CONFIG_SENSORS_PWM_FAN=y changed?
I want the fan to turn on automatically and run on low setting since playing 1080p Netflix software decoded makes the device extremely hot and it shuts down sometimes.

I see the RockPro64 has a different smaller fan patch, will the pwm-fan.patch work too for Khadas Edge-V or not?

Is it possible to modify the Shutdown menu in LibreELEC to boot back to Android/EMMC skipping booting from micro-sd card for one instance?
I see it’s possible for Amlogic devices but havn’t seen anything for Rockchip devices.
In Android you can just issue a reboot command to reboot and then it will boot from micro-sd card again so this is not a problem.

For LibreELEC I added

  1. The following kernel patch for the fan
  2. I modified and enabled CONFIG_SENSORS_PWM_FAN=y

But how do you add the script and fan service to run on bootup?

LibreELEC has some script where you can put other scrips in and you manually need to create this autostart script.
Is there a way to already include your own script to start on bootup before building LibreELEC to support the fan? I want it to be on ‘low’.
Maybe later on a whole fan menu can be added to LibreELEC menus to select between low, medium, high, auto, off?
For now I just want basic support.

The fan support is very important for 1080p software decoding DRM videos which uses 60% CPU the whole time. The Khadas Edge-V becomes to hot with software decoding eg. 1080p Netflix which can’t be hardware decoded, limitation of Widevine on Linux OS’s.

Anyone that can check?
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Until the 3705 fan arrived, I plugged 12 volt fan to the GPIO, no control, but on 5 volts it was fairly effective and quiet…

Any plans for dual-booting Android/LibreELEC from emmc or both from micro-sd card for Khadas Edge-V?

I found these Android Marshmallow patches for Geekbox RK3368 that allowed dual-boot Android and Lubuntu Linux both installed on emmc.

Maybe it can be adopted for Android Pie?

frameworks - base



This way Android is always booted but with eg. an extra Android power off menu item, users can choose to boot LibreELEC(Linux OS) easily and in LibreELEC when the device is turned off, Android always boots. Users then just manually choose to boot to LibreELEC(or a different Linux OS) from Android. If users issue a reboot, it still functions like a normal reboot and loads Android.

Or a simple way like for Amlogic but modify the rebootfromnand script to boot after retarting to Android and not automatically boot again from micro-sd card. If device is turned off and on again, it must boot from micro-sd card(LibreELEC again).

But I prefer the first way to always boot Android and manually boot LibreELEC, both OS’s on the same storage instead of the second method where LibreELEC is always booted from micro-sd card and Android is manually loaded from LE and booted from emmc.

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Hi mo123:
We have no plan to release any dual OS in that way in the future, but instead, our team are working on a total new and modern way for that, I think @hyphop will add the dual boot feature into Krescure in the future.

Good day!


In LE to EDGE with kernel 5 the fan is controlled automatically without any crutches in the form of scripts. It’s the only right thing to do.

And on RK33xx works great direct start from USB media without any crutches. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi balbes150,
do you have any idea, why I cannot boot (or just get anything on my screen?) any of your latest images on my Edge-V Basic? The old image is still working.
Well, I have not tried all of them. I would also suspect the SD card (after previous experience with a broken card), but that one seems OK as well when tested elsewhere.

  1. What image (full name) are you trying ?
  2. What settings do you perform before starting ?
  3. What system is in eMMC ?

At this moment, I am trying the LibreELEC-RK.arm-9.80-devel-20191123142542-6e9040d-rk3399.img. Last time I tried LibreELEC-RK.arm-9.80-devel-20191025164801-6e9040d-rk3399.img without any success too.
I am not aware of any settings, what settings do you mean? Anyway, I have not changed anything, neither have I touched the eMMC, so I suppose it should still contain the image it was delivered with (some Android, I think).

You need to configure the DTB used in the file (/extlinux/extlinux.conf). To specify the file name rk3399-khadas-edge-v.dtb

For LE images with 5 kernel on EDGE-V, DTB (edge-captain) works better.


Oh, I did not know that, thanks!

However, no improvement. I tried both edge-v and captain dtb, but nothing ever appears on the screen :frowning:

Need the output of the UART console to understand the error point.

Can you check the launch of any of the images from the SD card on your model ?

SD/USB Installation

The image Edge_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_SD-USB_V20190830.img does boot well. I also tried your version with the kernel-4 (LibreELEC-RK.arm-9.80-devel-20191123165244-6e9040d-rk3399.img), but without any success again.

For your model, you need to change the bootloader after the image is written. You can get it by copying from the working SD card where the system starts and then burn it to the SD with the new image.

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Where is the boot loader? A file or a some boot sector?

The first 16Mb on the Sd card. When restoring u-boot (write to SD card with new image) do not forget to save partition table on new media.

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So I should “dd bs=4096 count=4” from the Khadas Ubuntu image and then overwrite the first part of your image with the result? And the partition table…?