LibreELEC for Khadas EDGE (RK3399)

@Frank can you check the latest version 20190801 ?

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@balbes150 I will check it today

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@balbes150 I check it just now. Everything works well except Bluetooth.

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Last test image 20190802 release :slight_smile:

Update GIT (fix EDGE).

@balbes150 OK ,I will test it

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@balbes150 . I test it just now . The result was same as 190801.Just Blutooth unavailable.

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With BT I will watch after my vacation. :slight_smile:

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Still same problems with HDMI audio, just slightly better:

  • many videos start with a scrambled noise, often there is is a very short video/audio fallout within a second and then the audio is suddenly OK, but sometimes it isn’t (even the same files) - I use pass-through and possibly the receiver cannot detect and decode the Dolby Digital correctly under some circumstances
  • some videos that were missing sound completely before do play sound now, but after 10-20s the sound starts falling out more and more until it falls out completely (within another 10-20 seconds) - these videos also seem to stutter, I think

I just tested this with some M2TS files ripped from BluRay, they should be all in the same format from the same series.

Version update LE 20190819 for EDGE.


Hail! Please tell me the method to install the update?

Write the LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.80-devel-20190819162945-07b919f-khadas-edge.img.gz
file with balenaEtcher( to a micro-sd card connected with a micro-sd card reader to your PC.
If the micro-sd card is inserted before booyup of the Edge-V then it will boot LibreELEC.
To boot Android just boot without the micro-sd card inserted.

To update an older version, copy the tar file to the update folder via Samba


Established from the image Assembly LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.80-devel-20190819162945-07b919f-khodas-edge. After a couple of hours began a spontaneous reboot, then I noticed that wifi does not see open networks, until in the settings to disable and re-enable, then works until the next spontaneous reboot. The installation of the same updates by prescription distinguished 123MO does not correct these errors. These are the observations…

Is there a fan on the EDGE ?

No, Your latest firmware is pretty cool, 50-60 *C.
And noticed the poor responsiveness of the original remote in this firmware compared to the firmware taken from
Forgot to add that at use of connection to a local network by a wire, reboots do not repeat and the network works steadily.

:articulated_lorry: The original fan has already crossed the border of the Russian Federation and should soon come to me!

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New image ver 20190909 for EDGE.


Hi @balbes150,

is it possible that you include the DTB for a NanoPC-T4 from in your Imgaes?

Thank you very much for your wonderful images and your work.


write details to me by e-mail (it is on GITHUB).

I Express my gratitude for the anniversary Assembly “999”. I would like to ask you to integrate the support of the original fan into the next firmware version, if possible.

Until the fan sample arrives, I don’t plan on adding anything without checking.

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New image 20190925 KODI-18 and KODI-19