How to install LibreELEC on VIM3

H.265 Format i used whenever i play that video in libreelec.It restarts

Do you mean future releases of Khadas Android firmware (with updated uboot) ?

I flashed lastest android and booted Manjaro. After few min the desktop starts flickering on the lower part of the screen. So is it because of the missing patch for the display?

The flickering become frequent

Yes. it is. The latest release from Amlogic have many fixup. So the Android will update the u-boot.
And the new u-boot will cause the HDMI display issue with mainline kernel.

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Maybe not. The Android image
is not the latest one. We have new image but still under testing.

Problem playing 4k video format h.265 in libreelec…let me know the reason

@prabhu you can refer this

Mainline support is not as good as stable versions, H.256 format will be problematic.

It can able to play in android only libreelec is the problem…

@prabhu Because Android firmware use the stable kernel version . And the LE use the main-line kernel version.

Then there is no other way to play 4k video in kodi…?

@prabhu You can use the Ubuntu firmware. It have kodi too.

okay i try and let u know

For the COREELEC , everything works perfectly.


yeah i also trying with coreelec its working fine:grinning:

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I have just read your instructions carefully and found an error. Need to edit another file (uEnv.ini).

@balbes150 Can you tell me which error & how to correct it . THX

You need to change the description that the file is used (uEnv.ini). File (extlinux.conf) is not used in the LE to VIM3.

@balbes150 OK ,THX ,I will modified it later.

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