Some bug about VIM3L pre-installed version

I ordered a version of VIM3L with a pre-installed LibreELEC 9.2. This pre-installed system works disgusting (no one tested when sending. It would be better if the android was installed). It hangs all the time, you can press the button on the remote control more than ten times and only then something will happen. Installed by YouTube settings can not be. I’m trying to install some other software (in a zip file), it does not appear in the list of installed ones. Automatic and manual updating from the menu to version 9.2.1 does not exist!!! How can I reinstall the system if I can’t download the image for the VIM3L version on the official website LibreELEC (if I knew in advance about some problems, I wouldn’t buy this junk on pre-order. Any five-year android boxing for $ 20 faster and more stable than this garbage)?


@laritus We apologize for this firmware bug.
Here are some points:

  1. New coreelec firmware will be released soon and these problems will be fixed.
  2. You can choose to install our Android firmware,You can find it in here,

You can follow this Docs to install android to you board .