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Thanks @Frank :+1:. By the way, a new release found CoreELEC 9.2.1. (but not on your site, there are only Android, Openwrt and Ubuntu) it only supports the version VIM3 not VIM3L?
Thanks for the instructions, but can I update the USB flash drive or should the image always be recorded only on a SD card or Emmc?

I’m a little confused about the versions :blush:… pre-installed CoreELEC 9.2. (not LibreELEC 9.2.), but the description indicates Armlogic- ng if you go to the site CoreELEC and try to download the update (not the initial installation) 9.2.1. there will be a choice of two groups of architectures Armlogic (“Amlogic” update file for all S905/S912 devices) and Armlogic-ng (“Amlogic-ng” update file is only compatible for S905X2/S922X/A311D devices currently) apparently mixed up architecture, it’s amazing how this device works.

@laritus Different DTBS will be loaded according to different board hardware information

@Frank I did not see on the official website Coreelec/libreelec mention of models Vim3L (therefore, it’s not at all clear what architecture you are talking about Vim3L. I don’t understand what exactly to install, because the support of the android (as an example of an alternative) on this device can be just as bad as the pre-installed system and I can’t reflash it back because I don’t understand where the installed image if on officeal website Coreelec dont support this model). Therefore, I will postpone this device and wait until there is official support (to reflash new official iso for Vim3L) and they will make an official manual, according to the firmware of model Vim3L.

put Superceleron, should like

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@Frank @Vladimir.v.v thanks for trying to help. I use linux and use Etcher (and utility DD) for clone image. Unfortunately, none of the alternative android images not bootable and is not recognized by the device. I don’t have the time and desire to be a beta tester :), if the seller didn’t even bother to create instructions and a working image for work, then he is not interested in distributing these devices… It’s easier for me to order another device (RP4) to replace and solve my problems in this way :). Thanks again for trying to help!

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@laritus We will communicate with CE team to confirm the release time of new firmware.