How to install LibreELEC on VIM3


  1. Download the tool Etcher.
  2. Download the LibreELEC ROM, check here for the latest version.
  3. A micro SD card.

Burn Firmware to SD Card

  1. select image after decompression firmware.
  2. select you SD card .
  3. Flash and wait it finish.

Modify DTB files

  1. you can see two partition After flash it.
  2. Open the LIRELEC partition with you will look dtb directory.
  3. Open the dtb directory ,you will see the DTB file which name is meson-g12b-khadas-vim3.dtb. This is the true DTB file with khadas VIM3.
  4. Open the file uENV.ini, you will see a config file then open it .
  5. Modify to the following figure.

How to use it

  1. Insert the finished firmware SD Card into the board.
  2. Boot VIM3 from SD Card by Via Keys mode (Side-Buttons)
  3. The first boot takes some time to initialize.And then,you can use it.

You can also add one more image source, the official LibreELEC nightly builds. :slight_smile:

AMLG12 for VIM3


@balbes150 OK,Thanks!!!

Hi @Frank
You can check the operation of the wired network with the latest images of the LE on the model with a311d ? One of the users has a problem with the wired network, I need to understand what the problem is (in hardware or software).

Hi @balbes150 OK, I will check it after a moment.

@balbes150 , I am so sorry. Can you give me a link? I don’t found the S922/A311D version?

Any image for S922 should work on a311d

@balbes150 ,The last image is 19/07/03? BecaseI don’t found it in 19/07/05.

To select the desired DTB , you need to edit the file (uEnv.ini)

The exact version doesn’t matter, you can take any option. It is important to check the wired network.

By the way, it is desirable to change the name of the theme and specify that this is the launch of LE. Installing LE on an eMMC is an optional feature. :wink:

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Hi @balbes150, I check it just now . I can get the correct IP address, and then I try to Ping the IP of a public network, and the result is successful. Then I used it to play the video on the server, no problem to play it. So I don’t think wireless networks have any problem.

What image do you use ? Which dtb is enabled ? What version of VIM3 ? What firmware is in eMMC ?

@balbes150 ,07/03 version. the DTB file is meson-g12b-khadas-vim3.dtb. VIM3 basic . Ubuntu in eMMC.

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What type of network (router) do you use 100 or 1000 ?

@balbes150 the type of netwoek I used was 1000

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I added to my website version 20190705, can you check it ? It is desirable to perform a check on the firmware (Android), which comes to VIM3 from the factory.

@balbes150, OK , reply to me after you upload.

Images on the site, you can try. :slight_smile:

@balbes150. OK , I will check after download.

@balbes150 ,I do the same test . The result is same too.

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