Case for the VIM3 and M2X

Can’t say buddy, even Architects make houses for everyone, do they get a chance to have all the houses they make ?
¯ \ _(ツ) _ / ¯

I just make them for fun so people can enjoy it :smile:

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Yes, but it would be logical as I said. And you would really tell us all what a cool DIY you do!

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sure, maybe if I get a 3D printer for my birthday or somethin, I’d love to do it and share tips with everyone, maybe even give away some creations to people like me. :slight_smile:

Perhaps somewhere to order can be done in your city. And then another review on your YouTube channel, and you are already the most popular and in the top!

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Haha, sure mate.
But for now, if someone atleast prints it for themself, likes it and gives me a Thumbs up I am happy enough :smile:

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Okay, so be it, I don’t mind.

My test case for Khadas Vim3 with m2x.

the buttons are pressed well

need modification:

add chamfers for screws
more screws on the cover
change case cover, because it’s hard to open


Nice case @netskod, Looks wonderful and robust :smiley:
How about the other side of the case ?

Quite an interesting solution, it is possible to add some colors to it, what do you think?


maybe, i’ll think about it

Yes, otherwise there may be traces of dust on the white :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, friend! Very good work, I like it, but I would like thicker walls, at least 2mm, maybe 3mm. If possible, do it for us, or post the source files in the SolidWorks format. Thanks! :wink:

sure I’ll see if I can do something like that :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m wondering if anybody had tried to print the case shown in this post:

I’d like to have one like these but I don’t own a 3d printer so would have to order print from one of the local 3d printing service firms. Thus I don’t want to risk it without prior knowledge that this design actually works and VIM3 + new M2X would fit well into it.

its based on an older design which someone printed and tested out, so it should hopefully work without any issues :slightly_smiling_face:

I just found this thread. This is amazing work @Electr1 I remember you from my fortnite thread trying to help me out.

I have a vim4 and the new m2x board. I have a 3d printer but no editing skills. I am thinking of building a cyberdeck that can hold vim4+newm2x+ TS050 touch screen. Can you please modify your design so that it fits for vim4+newm2x+ TS050 touch screen?

I think VIM3 and VIM4 are almost same dimensions, but the new m2x board is different sized, right?

They are indeed very similar, with the exception of the hdmi input,
I’ll try to whip something up and see if it’s feasible :wink:

Thank you my friend, meanwhile I am printing your M2X v2 Hyperweave case.

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do send photos of the result, hope it comes out well :smile: