Case for the VIM3 and M2X

Check the link there, the corrected file should have the word “with SD card” in it…
This is the link to the fixed body model…

I downloaded these files before. I opened it with autodesk 365 and couldn’t convert it to skp file from there. Because this feature is paid.

My goal is to make minor changes in the design. I will place the battery on the lower side of. i know only sketchup

Which file format do you require ? I work mostly with *.stl files which is most commonly used for 3D printing procedure…

I want the “.skp sketchup” file format as the project file in the program you designed.

I will not get direct pressure. I will make changes in the project and design.

Tank you

I’m sorry, but my CAD tool does not include such a file format…
Perhaps I can provide you with *.stp *.step file ?

Or give me mockup of the Design you plan, and I can make modifications to it accordingly, and provide you with the final product… :slightly_smiling_face:

VIMs and M2X case v2

So I have done some major overhaul of the case design, with some Improved features, here’s a list of some of the things that have been updated…

  1. A Thinner I/O plate (1mm thickness), allowing for smaller connectors to still be able to have a good connection with the port

  2. New fixed mounting point, so that the Board is fixed in all corners and is not “jiggling” when the case is “jiggled”

  3. Redesigned Buttons opening…

  4. New top cover, implementing my Graphene Hyperweave design

  5. Re-positioned Screw mounting points…



Sidenotes for 3D printing:

  • Print with the lowest nozzle size you have (0.4mm atmost)
  • Print with a heated bed, especially with the Lid portion
  • Print with support material, and you can pop the portions covering the USB ports and HDMI later on after it is done printing…

Link to the design for download available here: M2X v2 Hyperweave case



I’m still waiting for you to be able to touch this case yourself with your modifications? Or it turns out somehow strange, you develop this DIY yourself, but you still don’t have it.

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Can’t say buddy, even Architects make houses for everyone, do they get a chance to have all the houses they make ?
¯ \ _(ツ) _ / ¯

I just make them for fun so people can enjoy it :smile:

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Yes, but it would be logical as I said. And you would really tell us all what a cool DIY you do!

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sure, maybe if I get a 3D printer for my birthday or somethin, I’d love to do it and share tips with everyone, maybe even give away some creations to people like me. :slight_smile:

Perhaps somewhere to order can be done in your city. And then another review on your YouTube channel, and you are already the most popular and in the top!

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Haha, sure mate.
But for now, if someone atleast prints it for themself, likes it and gives me a Thumbs up I am happy enough :smile:

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Okay, so be it, I don’t mind.

My test case for Khadas Vim3 with m2x.

the buttons are pressed well

need modification:

add chamfers for screws
more screws on the cover
change case cover, because it’s hard to open


Nice case @netskod, Looks wonderful and robust :smiley:
How about the other side of the case ?

Quite an interesting solution, it is possible to add some colors to it, what do you think?


maybe, i’ll think about it

Yes, otherwise there may be traces of dust on the white :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, friend! Very good work, I like it, but I would like thicker walls, at least 2mm, maybe 3mm. If possible, do it for us, or post the source files in the SolidWorks format. Thanks! :wink: