Build vim2 firmware including root support

You can use Krescue to back up your current OS and data. Then if Android Pie doesn’t suit your needs, your current OS and data could be restored.

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How do I do this do I have to download Krescue on my vim2 I don’t understand will this write over my OS that’s on it now or should I just download OS Pie I don’t know what to do because this as being going on for ages I wish I could what’s causing to shutdown and restart

Krescue can be written to an SD card. The VIM would boot in to Krescue on the SD card. At that point no change has been made to your existing OS. Krescue will not make changes to you system unless you instruct it to do so.
Have a look at this video to observe what Krescue looks like once booted. Advance the video to time 1:50 to observe Krescue being used to back up an existing system. Backing up your existing OS will allow you to return to it if you desire.

Krescue images are here, you want
Use a program like Etcher or Rufus to burn the Krescue image to the SD card.
Remove the power cable from the VIM2, press and hold the power button, while holding the button, reconnect the power cable, release button after 10 or so seconds.

Do I have to install Krescue or can I just install Android Pie over my existing OS

You can install Pie over existing OS. Use any of the usual tools. FYI Krescue can also be used to flash your current system.

Is there any videos on how to install Pie on the vim2

I don’t think there is a video doing it from a Mac. What method do you intend to use?

I’ve got a windows machine now so I’m going to do it on that I can’t remember how I done it could you show us in detail

You will be using the USB Burning Tool.
Entering upgrade mode.

Upgrading using USB cable.

Is the OS Pie rooted or none

Is the latest pie image for the vim2 rooted or not

hi, yes, there is root access

Yes, as Vladimir.v.v stated, it is rooted. To my knowledge, all Khadas firmware is rooted unless stated otherwise in the image name.

I’m trying it out now if I go into settings then back it’s got like a dark line that appears across the screen I don’t know what that is I think I’m going back to nougat much better than this and I don’t think it’s rooted

My VIM2 has developer superceleron’s Android Pie “Normal” installed. I am using the debug version and it is rooted. You may want to try out some of his custom ROMs. He offers Debug and User builds, the User builds are not rooted.
If interested, see…
superceleron’s Normal Android Pie.
superceleron’s ATV Android Pie.

How do you install one of these on my vim2 same way with the burning tool

yes, same way…
don’t forget to enable the “erase all” option while doing so…

Where is enable erase all on the burning tool I’ve noticed the image I install there as been some changes hopefully they have sorted it out I’ve gone back to os nougat which is much better I thought

Are you still experiencing reboots?
Select Erase all in the field indicated in this image…

This new image I’ve installed seams be alright I didn’t really like khadas version of pie I think there is something not right with it because there was a dark line going across the screen is the version you have is this much better then khadas version of pie because it’s not rooted