Build vim2 firmware including root support

If I remember when I burn the image first time it had the burning tool picked up 1 error I don’t know if that was the problem because this time 0 errors which is good

What image are you using?

Nougat latest version

I have not had enough time on each to make an objective comparison between the two. Typically, superceleron ROMs offer some improvements to firmware, as well as additional features.
Since opinions of ROMs are somewhat subjective, only the end user can determine if a particular ROM or firmware is best for them.
Flashing does not take much time, easy to try firmwares and ROMs. Read superceleron’s descriptions for best results.

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Does anyone know how to move apps from internal storage to my external hard drive on my vim2 without formatting

Has your drive been recognized as a storage medium ?

I’ve installed the user debug version will this work with another launcher

For his normal Android, I would assume so, as it is rooted. Maybe not for his ATV. I have not tried it myself. I will try it, but won’t be with the VIM2 for several hours.

I don’t understand I’ve install debug version but I’ve install nova launcher but it doesn’t work properly on nougat you click on the app then drag and drop but it doesn’t work on this debug version I like the look of it it’s definitely better then khadas pie version I think it’s got bugs in it

Yes, seems to have something to do with long presses not being recognized.
May be you could comment on his ROM thread so he can add it to the bug list, though could be a launcher issue.

I’ve mentioned it on the forum I’m hoping it is a bug it will get sorted in the next update I do like it’s definitely different but I was a bit gutted that it’s not working with the nova launcher prime out of all the launchers this is the best one

I’ve gone back to android nougat it works better I think there is loads of bugs copy and paste it keeps disconnecting the Ethernet when I connect my vpn I don’t know what’s doing it but nougat works much better

I understand. Hopefully after returning to Nougat your reboot problem is behind you.

If I’m not mistaken, then on vim2 Android 9, it currently has a status (test).
All your suggestions and wishes can be sent to the profile thread.

Some as got back to me on freaktab and said that nova launcher prime is no good on pie firmware there is better launchers that work with pie

Android 9 is not the full version because when I installed it there was bugs in it because it was flickering the screen so I went back to nougat

As Vladimir.v.v has stated, this Android 9 is only a preview ROM, likely to improve in subsequent revisions.
Khadas offered the first official Android 9 firmware I had seen for any S912 device. I am still unaware of any official Android 9 firmware from other device makers, though they may exist. I commend Khadas in their effort to support the VIM2/S912.
Also appreciate superceleron for his support on the S912.
Keep an eye out for subsequent Android 9 releases, bound to get better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When will you know if there are updates for custom ROMS

Superceleron will either update an existing ROM thread or he will create a new thread.
If I remember, I will send you a PM if I see something. :slightly_smiling_face:

He is a professional coder, but when Khadas release revised Android firmware, he is usually pretty quick to do a follow on custom ROM for it. I am not obligating him, just stating past practices. His time is often consumed by his professional and family duties, as a result, sometimes he has to wait until he gets some rare free time to work on his gratis ROMs. I appreciate his generosity in sharing his skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

On custom rom Superceleron pie 9 in the upper status bar how do they get the Wi-Fi and Ethernet icons to show I’ve download a apk called quickshortcutmaker in there your see all the icons are toggle on but there not showing in the upper status