Wireless Air Mouse QWERTY Keyboard "ENTER" button doesn't work as "ENTER" FUNCTION


I am using MX3 - L 3 in 1 (2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse QWERTY Keyboard) with VIM2_Nougat_V171028 ROM.

I found that “enter” button doesn’t work how it should.

When I type URL address in any browser and then press “enter” button, instead of enter function it is pressed letter “q”.
How can I solve this issue in VIM2_Nougat_V171028 ROM?

I didn’t get this issue with @superceleron ROMs. It only happens with official Khadas ROMs.

Please help.

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Hi, SuperDario:
Similar issues at:

Have fun!

Yep, the same issue with regular PC genious wireless keyborad. On enter it shows q but it works on numerical keyboard and numerical enter.


Maybe the onscreen keyboard displayed and q is focused, so when press Enter key, the q is inputted?

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