Windows 10 ARM64 version on VIM3?

Microsoft has released a full Windows 10 version for ARM64. Would it be possible to run this on the VIM3? Or is this a silly thought? Would be curious to see how it works.

I’ve noticed that people successfully installed it on a Raspberry Pi 3 in the past.


Sounds interesting for me too.

me too:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Try doing it on a sd card it might work but i thought windows10 requires a UEFI bootloader to load?
Check a video made by LinusTechTips on youtube
(How to boot win10 from an SD card)

Allwinner have worked with Microsoft to get a UEFI bootloader for ARM for their devices. Alot of work is going-on on Windows IOT for arm.

Those who are interested in windows for arm get try to port Windows IOT for arm to VIM3. Would be happy to test but will never use windows as daily driver hahaha.
All the best.


Though the OS is windows many applications require Intel or AMD x86 architecture processors to function and so it is not very viable to use it.

On the other hand, windows is not very optimized on smaller devices especially with mid to low level ARM chipsets so you wouldn’t even expect decent performance for minor workloads :smile: it’s your choice though to use it