PC equivalent to say VIM3L, Edge or VIM3?

What would be a PC equivalent to one of these Android boxes?

I wanted to install the X86 android to one of my laptops but before i started i was wondering which machine i have that would even run it.

I tried it on my oldest machine that came with windows XP and it wouldnt even boot past the android splash screen (intel duo core with 2 gig memory)

I have 3 other laptops threw t years ive hung on to that i thought might be fun to try that X86 os on before i take em to the thrift store to get rid of.

It kinda depends, they are two literally different CPU Architectures, and have different TDP, Different capabilities, in my experience I would say The VIM3 is equivalent to a i3 330M

do you just need an android?
then it’s easier to use the emulator under Windows.
but I don’t know if your system will pull this process
e.g. BlueStacks

But I could be totally wrong, geekbench tells me a whole different story, it is on par with maybe a pentium 4415Y from the surface go lineup

If you are trying to run something android emulators like blue stacks it will struggle even in a modern pc…

but if you run something like this https://www.android-x86.org/ some thing like first or second gen i5/i7 should be able to run it.

Wow they need to be that powerful?

The way they talk Android is a small lite OS that doesnt need much power to run.

I just wanted to install android on an older machine and run Asphalt 8 when im watching tv usually i run Asphalt on the tv threw an android box.

Ive tried to run that X86 and it runs on a few of my machines but wont run the game.

Ashalt 8 seems like a pretty powerful game and most of my media boxes run it with little to no trouble, some run it better then others the Khadas units dont have a bit of a problem even on the highest settings.

I kinda thought this older Acer laptop i could atleast keep it around with android on it and get some more use out of it

These Android boxes are more power full then i thought. I wonder if they will run windows? lol

Yeah that has been tried before, and miserably failed :crazy_face:

we will wait until microsoft catches up with our hardware

You can run Android-X86 as a LiveCD/USB without installing it. You can try it on your laptop. If it runs OK, you can install it if you want.
When Android-X86 was in it’s early stages, I have run it live on a Pentium dual-core with less than 2GB RAM. I am sure it has grown more resource hungry since then, like everything else, but worth a try.

Believe me Android x86 is a great hassle, not all the apps work, BUT most importantly Android was designed to be a “touch friendly OS” so it has a bad time running on Desktop PC if you want better try Chrome OS, it runs android apps but at the same time is more suitable for things like desktop PC or laptops, but it makes a PC look like a toy rather than a computer :neutral_face:

you also try bliss os which is also android for x86 both alternatives are much better than blue stacks or any emulators…

as @RDFTKV these android os are known to run even on celeron chips

Just tried the 64bit version on my modest i5-4300, 8GB, from SD card. Runs pretty good, put in a couple of laps in Asphalt8.
But yes, Electr1, I tend to keep my Android on ARM devices. Now if Win10 would run full desktop on a cheap ARM SoC, I’d be willing to give it a try. Something to look forward to I suppose.

Win10 does run on arm with limited support for x86 apps… It need UEFI boot to run though…

Yes, I have seen articles on this.