Windows 10 on VIM3, Anytime Soon?

Apparently there is a special version of Windows 10 that can run on SBCs. There are already compilations for Raspberry Pi. It lucks USB drivers, but what a heck.

Since VIM3 is so much more powerful than Raspberry Pi are there any plans to port Windows 10 Core ( IoT ) to VIM3?

That in itself would be the biggest Pi killer ever :smile:

I don’t think so.

It needs to be certified by Microsoft. And if you want Microsoft Windows then better go with x86_64 mini pc instead of arm as you won’t get the same software’s that work on x86_64.

Good luck.


@DROBNJAK Sorry . There is no official plan to transplant win10 to vim3 . But you can look forward to other community developers. We have a large number of third-party firmware developed by community developers. Maybe community developers will try this thing .

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