Which image files to use for different flashing methods?

There are multiple different ways to flash image binaries to the VIM4 but it is not clearly stated which binaries to use for the different flashing methods.

Q1: Flashing through OOWOW
https://docs.khadas.com/products/sbc/vim4/install-os/install-os-into-emmc-via-oowow does not describe how to generate IMAGE file mentioned in the guide.
This forum post suggests using the aml2raw tool on update.img. Is this the correct method?

Q2: Flashing using burn-tool on Linux
https://docs.khadas.com/products/sbc/vim4/install-os/install-os-into-emmc-via-usb-tool describes how to use prebuilt OS images, but not where to find the self-built Android images. Same forum post as above suggests using update.img for burn-tool. Is this correct?

Q3: Flashing using Android GUI: Settings->Khadas settings->Updater
Which image binary can be used on a USB memory stick and the “Local Update” function in the Updater?

To answer my own question Q2:
The Linux burn-tool, the update.img and VIM4 in upgrade mode will successfully flash a self-built Android image

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Q1,OOWOW: Over-the-air updates for khadas devices. Only applicable when we place the firmware on the cloud server and then the user terminal burn the firmware through the network.

Q3, Updater: Over-the-air updates for Android. Only applicable when we place the firmware on the cloud server and then the user terminal updates the firmware through the network.

@xavier So the easiest way to build your own Android firmware is to burn it through a USB cable.

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Thanks for the information :+1:

Regarding the OTA updates, can Khadas devices auto-update (by polling cloud server) without human interaction or are all updates manually triggered from the Khadas device?

Both are achievable. But we didn’t do it. There are currently no plans.