VIM4 Install OS into eMMC via OOWOW

Hii @goenjoy i am trying to flash the image using VIM4 Install OS into eMMC via OOWOW [Khadas Docs] but not able to flash for both

Write via Hot-Spot WAN connection

Write via LAN connection

Please check the below error

Hello @goenjoy, it is important for us to flash using either LAN or Wifi.
Please suggest how to solve this issue and get this working.

Hello @mbakshi @VikasP

You can use this way to flash the update.img to eMMC via OOWOW.

You need to use USB tool to flash the update.img to eMMC.

Hello @numbqq,
Due to some restrictions based on the requirements, we will not be able to use USB tool.
That is why we are trying to flash over LAN or over Wifi.
Can you help to fix the above issue?
Or else, can you suggest any other way to flash the VIM4 device without a USB cable?

Hi @mbakshi

You may need to convert the update.img to OOWOW format, then use the network API to flash it to eMMC via OOWOW.

Here is an convert example for your referrence.

# create working dir
mkdir -p tmp && cd tmp
# get converter script
chmod 0777 aml2raw
# setup image name
IMG=vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826.img.xz # VIM4
IMG=vim1s-android-11-v220901.img.xz      # VIM1S
# online convert image 
./aml2raw $SRC ${IMG%.img*}.raw.img.xz
# list compressed raw oowow images
ls -l1 ${IMG%.img*}

Hi @numbqq, I tried the above steps. However, getting some errors.

vikasp@vikasp:~/Downloads/tmp$ ./aml2raw $SRC ${IMG%.img*}.raw.img.xz
[i] aml2raw image converter starting …
[i] USR : /home/vikasp/aml2raw
[i] TMP2 : /tmp/aml2raw
[i] WORK: /home/vikasp/
[i] OUT: /home/vikasp/Downloads/tmp/vim4_update.raw.img.xz
CHK UN /home/vikasp/
[i] aml unpack /home/vikasp/ => /home/vikasp/
[e] DIE unknown input /home/vikasp/

Can you suggest how to fix this?

Hello @mbakshi

Just check on my side, the steps below work on my side.

$ mkdir -p tmp && cd tmp
$ wget
$ chmod 0777 aml2raw
$ ls
aml2raw  vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826.img.xz
$ IMG=vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826.img.xz
$ ./aml2raw $IMG ${IMG%.img*}.raw.img.xz

Hello @numbqq,
Thanks for these steps. With these updated command for “aml2raw”, I am able to generate the desired image and also able to flash it using LAN.
However, to flash this over the LAN, I need to put the device into “OOWOW” mode using the “Fn” and “Reset” key combinations.
Now, can you tell me, is there any command which can put the device into the “OOWOW” mode?
So, we can do that using a script.

Hello @numbqq and @goenjoy,
Can you pls reply to above query?
Please suggest how to put the VIM4 device into the “OOWOW” mode.
This is required to flash the firmware over LAN or Hotspot connection.

Hello @hyphop

Any suggestions? For the old MCU firmware this feature is not supported, right?

Hello @numbqq , @hyphop can you please give us any suggestion on this

Hello @numbqq , @hyphop

We to want flash VIM4 device using power adopter over LAN connection
but as we seen we are not able to flash device using power adopter over LAN connction

It’s only working when we are using usb connction with same machine

please give us any suggestion on this

Hello… @hyphop @numbqq @goenjoy

We are flashing the VIM4 device over Hotspot
It is working with laptop wifi
but in VIM4 OOWOW mode we are not able to connect hotspot connection using wifi-dongle from Desktop
we are using TP-Link dongle
please suggest how we can flash VIM4 from Desktop using wifi-dongle

you can choose one of:

PS: p2p ( point to point ) not supported