VIM3 Android Pie V200103 ROM Release

, Здравствуйте! Можете поподробнее написать как пофиксить?

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Hello! Dear superceleron announced in the near future a new firmware, there all this must be implemented.


Great news for all! Happy to see a fw treating VIM3 as a player.

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TS050 touch screen works fine but when I try to change the resolution to 720p or any other it does not change. Is a fixable issue?

All mainstream streaming APP not work properly on this FW: Douyu,Huya,Bilibili, …
Playing with black bar at bottom and right side. (dot to dot or scan issues)
The original FW(190809) is perfect on this.

Navigation bar can be closed in this FW, good news!
Status bar hiding still not available. o(╥﹏╥)o
The original FW(190809) is perfect on this.

pls Khadas considering the media-playing user who bought a remote.

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Hello, For those interested, @superceleron has just posted a new version of his Custom ROM for the VIM3.
I have not had a chance to try it yet, but he does good work, you may want to look in to it.

Hello, have you solved the green screen problem?

no problems, so probably decided :wink:

I found many S922X android 9.0 boxes can do this and streaming properly:
So pls Khadas try it!


Thanks for your feedback, I will try to add it.

Thx, and this pls too.

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Yes , it would be nice to hide those under certain apps

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i have VIM3 + M2X Extension Board with SSD and 4g module installed,

I installed latest ANDROID PIE
seems the data(4G sim) and gps dont work.

how can i fix this, i go to settings and location and try to turn on GPS location but it wont let me.

the 4G led light on the M2X is on but i still cant use 4g nor gps

GPS is really important to me too. Will be watching this for replies.

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Same here, seems to work fine except no data/internet connection

do you mean 4G modulo connection?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, the 4G LTE, it does not say 4G only 3G on status bar
, but still no data being transmitted.

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Yes, I already understood, Terry promises to release a new firmware this month, I think there should be changes for you!

Ok, I needed it right away to be used on a project :S kind of misleading as it is my understanding that its advertised as functional with this module. On my leez P710 sbc, 4G module worked in android.

yes, I understand you, maybe Terry can give more information, contact him directly