VIM2 Android Pie V200624 Preview ROM Release

yes, at the moment need to collect as much information as possible, buddy

we hope Terry will take into account your wishes!

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исправить проблемы со звуком со спутника в АС3

fix problems with satellite sound in AC3

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I wonder what will come first, Passive heatsink or updated Pie for VIm2?

If passive heatsink comes first i may not even use the fan header and use PI/O pins to power a different fan

Did you already order the new passive HS?
Could be a close race, depending on the chosen shipping method and/or the Covid. :smile:

This is a race which even I can’t bet on :sweat_smile:

I ordered 2, i should order from the Khards site also see who gets em here first, khadas or Amazon

Well done to @Terry and all for building Android Pie firmware for VIM2.

a) Can you add VTV app / support to firmware so I can use the SuperDVB board?
b) Later, perhaps you could add a Dual OS image (particularly 18.04 Ubuntu).

Thanks in advance!


Hi Michael !
this is the aforementioned, “preview” rom, Terry will definitely take your suggestions into account… :slight_smile:

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yes, this is a preliminary version and are collecting information from users

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We will add VTV board support on next release ROM.

We haven’t the plan to release Dual OS image. Maybe you can use Krescue


Thanks for your feedback and we will check it. :grinning:


this is a good novelty
correct sound problems

исправте возможность переключения вашей звуковой карты на HDMI из панели управления
на андроид 7 с этим у всех проблеммы

fix the possibility of switching your sound card to HDMI from the control panel
on android 7 with this all problems

I remember last year when i first got firestick i watched youtube videos for Android TV boxes and i watched a few videos on the Khadas boards where a few guys did a review im not sure if it was VIM1 or VIM2 but they did testing on a clear case Khadas SBC with NO HEATSINK! there wasnt anything on any of the chips and im thinking WOW i cant believe they didnt burn up.

When i used mine with no fan just the new VIM heatsink and the fan is not spinning it got SUPER hot hotter then i ever seen i cant imagine running with nothing on the CPU at all

What if thermal throttleing failed?

That can’t be possible, in such case the failsafe activates at the last moment to prevent the chip from entering a flaming frenzy, if this happens on all firmware, maybe your fan has something wrong in it.

In that case why don’t you inspect the fan…

Update on VIM2 newer firmware issues: on my board (V14) my fan header for 3705 isnt working

The new VIM2 firmware fan doesnt work, when switching on the fan it doesnt work in all modes

This is the only problem im having with the newer VIM2 firmware

Its ok with the stock firmware, I read that people with the older board the fan works fine, mine is the newer version VIM2

When i read the stock firmware the readme file said “fixed fan and WOL for newer version of VIM2 board” so im thinking this newer firmware has the same issues

hello all, so i want to try to compile android 9 kernel and u-boot for a amlogic S912 tv box, i only want to compile the u-boot and kernel, do i need to download almost 200 GB of files to compile u-boot and kernel? i want to add/integrate this driver to it can someone please write how do i add it. i started from here and now i’m at Download The Android Source Code , my internet is not very fast and almost 200 GB it will be a pain to download

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Hi, welcome to the community!

If you want to compile just uboot and kernel, I believe it won’t be 200GB, it might still be high (still need the toolkits and other dependencies)

you can can get some help from @Terry or @superceleron , they build the Android firmwares for Amlogic devices and will provide help for you,

All the best for your build :slight_smile:

thank you very much for fast answer, @Terry & @superceleron can you please push me in the right direction with some hints?