VIM2 Android Pie V200624 Preview ROM Release

I just wanted to have it on record


Yes, please await superceleron’s ROM as follow up as well… :wink:


I agree with you completely! I think this is a great success with s912, while the test, but already very stable version, I must admit!

You can let @Terry know your problems, he will include it in final version…

yes, I think Terry did a good build!

Just to note, fan works in all modes on VIM2 HW version 1.2.

I have to take the blame here. I encouraged him to start the bug list in this thread, thinking Terry would be more likely to see it.
I didn’t want you thinking BowerR64 lacked patience. :grin:

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I just know that Terry has a lot of work, so I wanted to reassure BowerR64

When its fixed what usually happens?

Im kinda new, so im not sure how it works. Will it be a patch or a whole new rom?

If i use the board now and then in a few months or something its updated will i have to start over?

Does your menu not work with changing the fan speed?

I get the menu, its just when i change the different speeds the little dot changes but the fan doesnt work at all. But with rom 7.1 it works fine

Ive installed it twice, i will try to uninstall USB burn too and install it again and try but i think its an issue with this board version and pie maybe because i have a newer board?

I think they will definitely fix it

So check it out, i went to put Nougat back on the VIm2 and here is what the Read me file says that came with the rom.

"update list:

  1. add VIM2 V13 support
  2. fixup Fan issue
  3. fixup Wol issue
  4. update boot logo
  5. update default wallpaper"

I wonder if its the same issue im having now? What is “Wol” i can check it

I think this is the same rom that came with my VIM2, VIM2_Nougat_V190518

WOL is “wake on LAN”, that is not related to your problem at all :slight_smile:

Oh yeah i knew that, i dont use LAN much any more wifi finally got reliable enough to use and i have to many machines it look like a rats nest if i used cables again

Yeah that happens, you don’t want to get all the cables too tangled, or else connector ports will get damaged soon…

здраствуйте будет ли работать в следующих прошивках спутниковый тюнер

Hello, will the satellite tuner work in the following firmware?

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Hello @andreu7530,
It is preview ROM, you can refer to the changelog…

from this list only Android “Pie”, but comments are accepted in order to continue to make changes

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Then we must wait until further notice…
but I highly believe that it would work as there is no info that it was removed either…

пульт от спутникого тюнера тоже не работает на данной сборке

the remote from the satellite tuner also does not work on this assembly

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