VIM Android Nougat V180210 ROM Release

Here release the Android Nougat ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM_Nougat_V180210.7z

  • MD5SUM: 95a1211877d9db9c4b4111a97ba60092

  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • update Gapps to 20180201 version
  • add force land support for all applications
  • fix setup time is invalid for rtc
  • don’t mount ext ROOTFS of third ROM
  • update default wallpaper
  • fix bluetooth pair request issue on more Settings
  • fix many video issues

Upgrade guidance:


thanks, does netflix work?

I’m waiting for feedback, this will be my first update.
Either memory card or USB c

installed the netflix rom still does not work black screen.return to android 6

Can you describe it in detail? The Netflix can’t play the all videos? Now I’am in holiday(Chinese Spring Festival) and will have a look for it after holiday.
Sorry for you.

installed netflix 4.16.1 which works on all the boxes, you hear audio and all the videos are black screen.
sorry English but use googlr translator
thanks for the interest

Thanks for the VIM2_Nougat_V180206 upgrade.
It has fixed the display rotation issues.
Also, using dd dump of system boot and recovery partitions from one stock VIM2, I could upgrade other 3_in_1 VIM2 android as well.
have a nice day
this post belongs to VIM2 thread, sorry

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This is the first Nougat release that doesn’t kill the system ui, i couldn’t even use Android as media player until now.

We now have more frequent updates, both Android and Linux, and i do hope you will continue like this.

Hi, Tommy21:
Too long time haven’t seen you. Thanks for your advice and feedback. We will do our best to provide more firmwares for the user. :grinning:

I’ve been checking this forum regularly, but haven’t posted on it for a while.

I have to repeat myself once again, please release SD card installation for every Linux image.

I must admit you are getting better and better, and i hope you’ll continue like this after your new year.

Wish you all the best! :smile:

We have released a Linux SD image

Yes, i have seen it today, i hope it will become a part of every release.

I did flash Armbian image before i saw it, so i won’t flash anything for now.

You’ve had plans for releasing ota updates, when will that happen, it would be great to have it, at least for Android.

It seems that amlogic has changed something their source code , I also get the black screen when using the paid apk, for example , mycanal , Netflix , ClipTV

The Nougat previous version working , no problem

Thanks for your feedback. I will have a look for it after Chinese Spring Festival.

One suggestion for Khadas mods, why don’t you open a sticky thread for bug reporting, both Linux and Android, for Vim and Vim2, it would be easier for you to see and try to fix bugs.

When in Android or Linux, someone submits a bug, with version and date of Os installed, that would avoid opening of many new useless threads.

It’s not easy to navigate through this forum, and unfortunately Tapatalk isn’t supported, so it would make your life a little easier.


Once again system ui was killed, and i couldn’t do nothing with it yesterday until i rebooted device.

But as i suspected on earlier versions, but didn’t try it, possible solution was with language settings, because it would start to show up every time i would change system and usb keyboard language settings, it was weird because no one here complained, there was one yt video with the same problem.

And today i’ve tried to change settings to English, rebooted, and did a few tests to see will it happen again, and everything was working fine, no more system hanging, Kodi is working fine( i would receive a message that it stopped responding), it looks like everything is working great now.

I did receive this messages before on latest nougat, but not every time, on previous Nougat roms it was a just a matter of minutes before it would show up, so this was a big leap forward, i could play media files and do almost everything with it.

I do not know why these language settings cause such a big issue, i don’t care about system settings, but usb keyboard layout is much different from English, and it uses some special characters, that is why i’m using it.

I hope it won’t happen again, and this was really hard for you to discover, especially with my country’s usb keyboard, probably you don’t have it :slight_smile:.

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I think that you can provide the error information for me when you get this issue. I will try to fix it.(But I haven’t the special usb keyboard :grinning:)

# adb connect IP_ADDR
# adb shell
# logcat

I will when i get it, i did receive it once more, i messed up language settings, i changed many things few days before, so i don’t really know to return it without resetting to factory settings.

But overall stability is much much better than before, but i hope it will soon be fixed.

So i do believe it is the main reason, but i don’t want to perform factory reset, i would again need to install all the apps and configure them.

Update: I wiped cache partition.

Is it possible to use split screen mode in Nougat, i didn’t find any option to use it even though this is a Nougat feature?

It would be great to have it, listen to the music while you surf the web, great for big screens.

I think the Xposed Framework is great. You can try to install it. :grinning:

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